Memories don't last forever (One Direction Fanfic!)

So this is my story about being best friends with someone who can't remember you. it is about a boy from a certain band.


1. First Memory

Ivy POV: i wasn't your normal type of girl. i was a girl who loved heavy metal. i had piercings in my face. five in my ears. my hair was electric blue with green tips. i wear contact lenses that make my eyes look like cat eyes. i wear clothes that have chains, skulls, studs and its nearly always black purple or blue. i never wear pink. green or orange. this is why everybody's jaws fall when i tell them that Zayn Malik was my best friend. 

i used to just hang out with myself. i was horribly bullied.  i got told to cut my wrists, to drink bleach and to die a slow and painful death. they told me i was ugly, worthless and wasn't loved. i once got beaten up. thats why there is a scar. they cut me with a knife,  it was 2 mm deep and runs from my belly button to my left thigh. i used to cut my wrists. meaning i have scars all the way up to my elbow. Zayn moved into our collage group. He diverted his eyes from the teacher to me instantly. i was wearing a long sleeve jacket. he was the first boy i ever wanted to get to know. He sat with me at lunch. He started to make me laugh, i was really enjoying myself and i didn't want that moment to end. from then on we got closer and closer. in fact i started to develop feelings for him. Once he dragged me back with my top. my jacket fell off. he saw all of the scars on my arm. and looked at me in shock i broke down into tears. the first time in 10 years, and told him everything. i showed him the start of my scar. he looked at me in shock. i was living alone and he stayed the night. he rocked me to sleep while singing softly. the next morning i read a note on the side. it was Zayn. he had gone to his X-Factor audition. for once i watched X-Factor just for him. i smiled as he sang the same one as he did last night. i changed into my Alcatraz jacket a slipnot top, i put on a pair of black jeans with rips in them, teamed with chains on the pocket. i put on my black boots with chains on them as well. i walked over to Zayns house and sat with his sister for abit. she liked my clothes so i got her an outfit sorted. After meeting Zayn i talked to more people, but i still kept to myself. smiling was rare still. as heavy metal blasted in my ears i walked across the road to not see the car coming. i was dragged back just in time by a random stranger. he looked at me funny then sneered "Emo. Are you suicidal? walking in front a car. Stupid Girl." he tutted at me then chucked me a dirty look. i glared at him then said. "No.i'm not. and i'm not an Emo. Don't judge on what people wear. you look like a chav with your addidas tracksuit on but im not cold enough to judge and say it out loud!" he looked startled.





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