The Summer That Changed Everything

The Styles' bungalow is a special place to Bells; she's been going there every summer ever since she was a baby until she was fourteen. It was where she made new friends, where she could swim all she wanted, where she could be herself, and most of all, where she fell in love with Harry.

After two years, she's back for the summer at the bungalow as a different person; she's two years older, she has boobs now, and she's more girl like. After long and hopeless years of trying to win Harry's heart, she finally thinks she has a chance.. but what happens when four other boys are suddenly in the picture?

Torn between two, who do you choose; the one that you love, or the one that loves you?


2. The Greeting

We’d been driving for a million years, or that’s how it felt, when we finally reached Holmes Chapel, Chesire. My brother, Jack, started to drive slower, if that was even possible. I knew why, it was because of the sign up ahead, the one that said to be quiet whilst driving through the village. I hated that sign, but at the same time I loved it. I hated it because it slowed me down to get to the bungalow, and from Harry. But I loved it because it was nice. The idea of the sign, I mean.

One thing I love about Holmes Chapel is that fact that it’s a village. It’s quiet, calm, and beautiful. Living in the city, I never experienced any of that. I lived in Aberdeen, which has got be the most obnoxious city, it was filled with people that were vile, annoying, and rude. It was nice to escape every summer from the city and go to a village. Almost dream like, to be honest.

It was like a fairytale.

All I needed was Harry to confess that he was madly in love with me too, and he’d pick me up and place me on his horse and we would run away together.

Sounds like a good plan, right?

But sadly, it wasn’t that easy.

It was nice having a chill summer, not having to worry about anything. Where you can go out on the streets without being pushed around because it’s overcrowded. Automatically, I slapped my forehead. How could I have forgotten? Harry’s famous now, this summer was going to be anything but chill. Every second we were getting closer to his house, and any second now I was expecting to see girls piled up outside of his house, chanting for him to come out, to take pictures and sign photos. I groaned, “oh no, this summer’s going to be annoying, with all the fans outside his house!”

Jack laughed, “we have you been?” I raised an eyebrow in response and he continues, “Harry tweeted awhile back, like, a week ago, that he didn’t want any disturbances this summer. He said he was hanging out with special people he hadn’t seen in awhile. Said it would be nice just to be them, not any fans.” My heart melted, and before I could reply he went on, “don’t look so smug,” he smirked, “he was talking about all of us, not just you.”

I poked out my tongue, and flicked him on the ear. “Don’t be mean to Jack, Bells,” Mum said in a bored tone.

That was the last thing I remember being said before we pulled up into their driveway, it kind of just happened. One second we were on our way, I wasn’t paying attention, and when I was, we were there. I liked it. The anxious feeling came back in my stomach as we stopped the car. The door was already opening, and I could see his shadow. I felt giddy, just sitting there. I leaned over to Jacks seat, and honked the horn three times. In our language, that meant come get our bags, twat.

I got out of the car and went to the trunk to get our bags, and Jack did the same but Harry came down the driveway and they did this man-brother-hug-kind-of-thing. I heard them talk, boy talk, of course, and I also heard the other boys voices, the other boys in One Direction, obviously. I bent down and pretended my laces needed a tying, but I wanted to soak up this moment; the wind always felt different in Holmes Chapel. It was all salty sea breezyish, even though it wasn’t by an ocean, and it was just special. I always asked the others if they noticed it too, but it was only me. It was like a sign. Like the wind had been waiting for me to get here. Crazy, I know, but that’s what it felt like.

I was still fumbling around with my laces, and decided to finally face Harry, after two years. I got up and walked over to where they were standing, all six them, except my mom. She was probably already inside, chatting up with Anne. When I first walked up, they didn’t notice, no one did. But then they did. They really did. It happened really fast, so fast I thought I had been imagining it. But I was sure I wasn’t. Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis did a quick glance kind of thing, the one when you see someone cute at the mall walk by, and you want to examine them quickly, before they’re too far away to look at. No one, let alone four famous boys, ever looked at me like that. It was weird, and I felt myself heat up. But Harry, he surprised me. He did a double take. He looked away, and then his head snapped over again, to look at me once more. As if he didn’t know who I was, like he didn’t recognize me. Harry never looked at me like that. Like I said, it happened really fast. But oddly, it felt longer. Slow motion, kind of thing.

Harry was the one to break the tension. He walked up and hugged me. I hugged him back, smelling in his scent. He smelled like burnt wood mixed with vanilla and lemon. Like always, and I liked it. His hair was much, much longer. But I already knew that, I’ve seen him through pictures in magazines. He was taller, a lot taller, more than I thought. He was also more built. Harry two years ago was weak, well not weak, but skinny, you know what I mean.

The first thing he said made me flush. “Glasses,” he simply stated, still hugging me. His hot breath hit my ear, causing the hairs on my back to stand up.

“Contacts,” I replied cooly, “I got contacts, last summer.”

“Oh,” he said, pulling away. I wrinkled my nose as he tapped it. “I think you got a few new ones”

I swatted his hands away, “shut up.” He very well knew I hated my freckles.

Someone coughed, which made us snap back to reality. Well at least for me, I knew that moment meant nothing to Harry. None of our moments meant anything to him. But it was okay, I was used to it.

I lie a lot. It hurts. Even after years of liking him, it still hurts.

We walked over to the others, and I felt all eyes on me. It was weird, having all this attention. I did an awkward wave to all of the boys, and managed out a small ‘hello’, as I tried to keep my cool. I didn’t want to embarrass myself, not on the first night being here. Louis, out of no where, hugged me. Tightly. I laughed, even though it wasn’t funny. It just felt like the right thing to do. “Hi,” I said.

He smiled as unwrapped his arms from me, “so you’re Isabella!”

I raised an eyebrow, “Bella,” I said.

Harry snorted and everyone turned to him, “Bella?” He looked at me, “since when do you go by that, Belly?”

“Belly?” Niall raised his eyebrows, “weird name.”

Harry cleared his throat, “Belly’s my nickname for her. Everyone else just calls her Bells.”

“Bella,” I said again, but more firm.

“Again, since when did you go by the name Bella?”

Jack piped in, “since she thought it was too childish, she wants to seem older.”

I hated them at times like these. Jack and Harry always found ways to exclude me from their group. I can’t go because I’m a girl, I can’t go because I’m a kid, I can’t go because blah blah blah, I hated it. “I’m sixteen,” I reminded him, “I’m practically an adult.” I started to walk towards the trunk again, to get my bags.

“Right,” they both chimed. The other boys just laughed.

All the boys helped with our bags, and we carried them into Harry’s house. Being the girl, I was left behind, everyone in front of me. You think being the only girl, the boys would be gentlemen and let me go first. But no, they didn’t have manners. And anyway, I was just Bells. Same old, kid, Bells.

They all went in the house, one by one, no one looking back. Zayn was in front of me, and he held the door open for me so I could get in, since my hands were occupied with my bags. I smiled, and he said, “if it helps, I like the name Bells. It’s cute, and it suites you.”

It was the first time I heard him talk. Well, not really. I’ve heard him talk loads of times, in interviews and stuff like that. But it was the first time I heard him talk in person, like quite literally. It was nice; his voice was nice. I liked his accent, it was a bit different from mine. I didn’t respond, but I smiled again. He smiled back.

I felt a sudden burst of butterflies in my stomach.


The first night in Holmes Chapel, we never stayed in the bungalow. It was like, the rule. It was never implied though. It was just there, everyone knew it and no one tried to go against it. So instead of going to the bungalow, the boys would usually sleep in the living room. I would sleep with Gemma, in her room. But she wasn’t there.

After greeting everyone in the house was when I noticed Gemma wasn’t there. I asked Anne and she said Gemma was going to be busy this summer, but would try and come every now and then. I was sad, but life goes on, I guess. Jack instantly became friends with all the other boys, he might as well become the sixth member of One Direction. They were in the living room, playing video games. Of course, I wasn’t invited. But I didn’t care; it was their first night. I shouldn’t be interrupting it. Plus, the first night I always spend it with mum and Anne. We gossip. A lot.

The second Anne saw me was when I stepped into her room, and her mouth nearly dropped. I suddenly felt conscious. My mum was sat on Anne’s bed and she was smiling and she said something along the lines of, “I told you so, Anne.” My cheeks burned as Anne went up to me. She hugged me, tightly. She’s always been my second mother. Sometimes she was a better mum than my own, but I guess that’s how it was with everyone.

Sometimes when my mum and I fight, I feel like ringing up Anne to tell her I’m on my way, that I wanted her to adopt me.

Anne said, “oh babe! You’ve always been stunning, but my God, look at you, honey!” Her hands were on my shoulders, her head pulled back, examining me. “You’re so pretty,” she said, “so, so, so pretty,” she whispered. “I bet you anything, you’re going to have an amazing summer. This summer is going to be great. It’ll be one you’ll never forget.”

If someone else told me this, like my mum, or even a fortune teller, I wouldn’t have believed them. I always believe Anne. She never breaks a promise. Well she never breaks the promises she makes with me. And plus, she always sounds so sure, and so matter-of-factly. She wasn’t saying it because something needed to be said, or to fill a hole or an empty gap. She said it because she knew. She knows. She knows a lot of stuff, to be honest.

It was weird. I knew Anne was right the second she said that. The thing is, I never knew she was going to be so right. I didn’t even know you could be that right. All I knew at the time was right and wrong. That’s it, that’s all. Nothing more, nothing less. It was one or the other. But this time, it wasn’t. She was really right. Extremely, even. It was as if she made my summer; like she planned it out because it really was an amazing summer. It was a summer I’d never, ever, in a million years, forget. I thought everything began along time ago, when my crush on Harry first started. But no, this summer was where it all began. It was the summer it all happened; the summer I got boobs, the summer I lost all my baby fat, and got contacts, it was the summer I turned pretty, or just developed in general.

Every summer, I would come back to Holmes Chapel, thinking this one’s going to be different, but it never was. I never gave up hope, though. I always, always thought it would be different. But nothing was, it was all the same. I thought it would be different, summer, I mean. But it never was. I thought it would change my life. But it never did. And this summer, it finally was different. So was I.

Anne is always right.

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