The Summer That Changed Everything

The Styles' bungalow is a special place to Bells; she's been going there every summer ever since she was a baby until she was fourteen. It was where she made new friends, where she could swim all she wanted, where she could be herself, and most of all, where she fell in love with Harry.

After two years, she's back for the summer at the bungalow as a different person; she's two years older, she has boobs now, and she's more girl like. After long and hopeless years of trying to win Harry's heart, she finally thinks she has a chance.. but what happens when four other boys are suddenly in the picture?

Torn between two, who do you choose; the one that you love, or the one that loves you?


1. Car Ride

~Disclaimer: Story line based off of The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han.~

There was something about summer that changed everything. Maybe it was the cool summer wind, the sun-kissed skin, all the wavy hair, the confident girls and flirty boys. Or maybe it was the long period of time to just let go of yourself completely. Summer was a time when anything could happen, when you just go with the current. It was a time of not caring; a time of fun.

Having all the windows rolled down was so better than having the AC on. The only way I could explain why is because it was more real. With the summer air blowing through my dirty blonde locks, I was sitting in the passenger seat when the song Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones came on. Being the girl I am, I shrieked and turned up the volume and started to sing along. I smiled as I looked in the review mirror of the car. My skin was already tan and my freckles were coming out. My usual dirty blonde hair looked light and golden, causing my boring gray eyes look like they were a sharp, bright, blue. I stared out the car window, watching everything that passed by. I recognized a few things here and there, which meant we were almost there. I got an uneasy feeling in my stomach, but it soon went away and was replaced by butterflies. I didn’t need to worry; I wasn’t the same Bella as I was over two years ago. I was more confident. More improved.

More girl like.

I smiled to myself as I thought what it would feel like to see him after two years. Would it be different? Of course it would be! I mean, I had boobs now. I wasn’t an awkward fourteen year old anymore. I was sixteen and confident. Despite the two year age difference between us two, we had always gotten along like best friends. But with the new improved Bella, I was hoping something else would happen this summer. Something more than just friends.

He had to notice me this summer. More than just the same old Bells, of course.

I got poked in the side which made me jump a little. “Thinking about Harry?” My brother, Jack, said with a smirk, his finger still poking me.

“Put both of your hands on the wheel,” I snapped. After a minute I replied cooly, “and no, I wasn’t thinking about Harry. That was so two years ago, Jack.”

“Liar,” he said instantly, “everyone knows you will always like him. Including himself.”

He was probably telling the truth. Everyone knew about my little crush on Harry since the second it happened (which was when I was eight and he was ten). The hard part was, I basically saw him go off with girls that I could only dream of being like; big boobs, long blonde hair, tanned skin. I had the blonde hair part, but that was only temporary and once the sun goes away, my hair goes back to a straw like, dirty blonde. The tanned skin part was hard too, I couldn’t tan too much and if I did I ended up looking like a lobster.

Not a cute picture, trust me.

Anyway, the hardest part on liking Harry only started two years ago when he got on X Factor. The snowball kept rolling from there. One Direction was made and the annoying, gross, immature Harry Styles I knew became a popstar, with teenage girls all over the world drooling over him and throwing themselves at him. Teenage girls with huge boobs, what chance did I have against them? And then there was the older girls. Harry liked older girls. And I, unfortunately, was two years younger than him.

No boobs + two years younger than him = no luck.

But that was two years ago. This is now, I have boobs (okay, barely, but hey, 32 B is better than nothing.. but then again, that’s barely anything), but there was still that damn age difference. Which wasn’t a huge problem, since I had always gotten along with Harry.

I shrugged, “maybe I have a chance this summer, you know? I have boobs now.”

Jack pulled a face, “don’t talk about boobs, Bells. That’s gross.”

“Don’t call me Bells, that sounds like a nickname for a five year old,” I rolled my eyes and then I smirked. “Aw, bless. Boobs are gross? You weren’t saying anything when you were feeling that Jessie girls boobs,” I sniggered. Awhile back I walked in on him, feeling a girl up in his room. He begged me not to tell mum and he promised he’d clean my room for two weeks. Of course, I accepted.

His cheeks turned bright red, “Bells, c’mon, you promised you wouldn’t say anything about that.”

“About what?” My mum said in the backseat. She was yawning and rubbing her eyes.

“Nothing,” he said quickly, shooting me a look. “Enjoyed your nap, mum?”

“Yes, it was lovely, wha-”

I cut my mum off and shrieked, “look! Look guys! There’s the ice cream parlor Harry and I always ride our bikes to! We’re almost there!”

There was Holmes Chapel, specifically Harry’s house and bungalow. Our mothers met in Uni when they were studying in London, and instantly became best friends. After they graduated they still were best friends though they lived hours apart. Ever since then, mums been coming to Chesire to visit Anne every summer. Nothing would stop her; once Jack was born she took him with her, leaving dad at home. Anne having Gemma a couple years earlier than mom had Jack, then a year later it was Harry, two years had past and I popped out of my mum’s vagina.


My summers were always the same; the last bell would ring at my school and I’d run home, get my already-packed-suitcase and hop in the car with mum and Jack. We’d drive six and a half hours until we reached Chesire, where Anne, Gemma, Robin and of course, Harry, would greet us. The rest would go from there. I would always hang out with Gemma, and Jack and Harry would always hang out. They never would let us girls hang out with them, because, well, we’re girls. But sometimes if Harry was in a good mood, he would beg Jack to let me come along when Gemma had plans.

I was grateful for those times.

But, unfortunately, we haven’t been to the bungalow in two years. The first year we didn’t go was because Grandma Jane died and mum went into depression mode; when I first heard we weren’t going to go, I actually wasn’t that upset. Only because Harry was going to boot camp that summer and he wouldn’t be there most of the time.

Bungalow - Harry = nothing for me to drool over.

I do a lot of these equations, by the way.

Last summer we didn’t go because we were too busy, with Jack going to college and all. Which, again, I wasn’t complaining, since Harry and the rest of One Direction were going to be all over the place, recording their album.

But this summer, this was going to be different. Not only am I more, um, matured, in ways, Harry was famous. And I haven’t had a real conversation with him since God knows when. We’ve sent each other a few texts here and there, but nothing more. But I know Jack still talks to him a lot. Just the other day they were on the phone, and Jack locked himself in his room so no one could hear. Me, being the crazy-in-love-girl I am, I sat outside his door, my ear pressed to it, trying to hear their conversation. Obviously, I only heard Jack’s voice.

Girls. The other boys. More girls. Even more girls. Sex. Girls, again.

The conversation was dull, and I was about to stand up and leave.

Girls. Fucking girls again. Caroline Flack. The bungalow. Me.

“Bella?” Jack talked into the phone, “what about her?”

Silence. Obviously Harry was talking.

“Oh, she’s still the same old Bells.”

I was furious! No I was not the same old Bells!

I had boobs, remember?!

But other than that, fine, I was the same. And I hated it.

“Oh, you want to talk to her? Why? I’ll go look for her.”

I panicked and was about to dash for it, but it was too late. My brother had already opened his bedroom door, my head still glued to it, so I crashed down to his legs. I looked up with my cheeks burning.

“Oh, look, she was right outside my door. Reckon she wanted to hear your voice. She loves your voice. She talks about it all the time. It drives me mad.”

I about died, right then and there.

What bothered me most about Harry was that he very damn well knew I was in love with him. Well, I don’t know about the in love part, but he did know I liked him. A lot. And yet, he did nothing about it. He ignored it. At least he didn’t ignore me.. but still..

Another thing that was going to be different was the rest of One Direction were going to be there. As in Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis. I might as well die.

Actually, I probably will die, of embarrassment.

I will say something that will scare them off, I swear it.

“Can you believe we’re going to spend our summer with One Direction?” I asked my bother.

“You’ll probably die of embarrassment before you even meet them properly,” he said, keeping his eyes on the road.

I told you so.

I chuckled, “mmm, you’re right,” I sighed, “I hope this summer is gonna be a good one.”

My mother piped in, “of course it is gonna be a good one, babe! The second you get off the car, mmm, babe, Haz is gonna look at you and his mouth is going to drop to the floor,”

“Shut up,” I muttered.

“You’ve matured, in two ways. I think he’ll notice you. And if doesn’t look at the bright side, you can try to conquer four other boys hearts! Maybe they’ll fall for you, I know for sure, that at least one is going to fall for you.” She winked.

“Right,” I mumbled, as I fiddled with my battered converse shoe laces.

Who knew she was going to be right?

This is a story. My story.

My story about how a summer changed everything.

Absolutely everything.



So It's time to comment and tell me how you felt.


I love you guys!



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