Let Me Love You (Sequal to Forever and Always)

Kasey heads back to Georgia to spend time with Haliee and her baby. But when Harry makes a mistake an old childhood face reappears and impacks her life does Kasey chose Harry or childhood lover Jake???


5. The mistake

Kasey's P.O.V:

I throw my bags in the back of the truck and get in. Haliee stood at the door with Caden on her hip and a pissy look. I get she pissed at me but she also knows about my anger problems. She knows if you yell at me and end up taking it too far I snap. But I still felt bad because she was right. Since I've came I haven't spent time with her and I have spent alot of time with Jake. We back out and start going down the road. I look out the window feeling like shit. My face was throbbing but I never got to look in the mirror. I pull down the viser looking at my cheek. I was red with a purple mark down the side. Great I'm going to have a busted cheek when I go see Harry. I see a snap out of the corner of my eye and look in that direction. Nothing. I shake it off and lay back in the seat.

~ at Jake's~

He opens the door helping me bring my bags into the house.It was a bit dirty but I didn't complain. It beats staying somewhere I'm not wamted. "Welcome to Casadel Jake." he says thowing his keys on the counter next to a nasty fish bowl. He fish rested on the borrom, i swore it was dead, but it swam away when I tapped the glass. "That's Peety. Remember?" I give im a look. "The carnavil when we were 15. I won you him but your Mom wouldn't let you keep him so I did." the memory floored back. Us riding the spinning cups, him winning me Peety, us on the carocel laughing and him throwing up after. I smile nodding. He smiled back and I sat next to him on the couch.

"You know Haliee doesn't hate you right?" I look at him not really believing him. "Yeah she does. Inspecially after not spending time with her, leaving her stranded on the side of the road and then beating her face in. Yeah she sooo doesn't hate me." I say the last part sarcastic like. Jake sighed. "She was just mad. She'll get over it. Plus why would she lose a amazing friendship because of a stupid pointless fight?" he whispers resting a arm around me and pulling me close. I rest my head on his chest listening to his heart beat. "You really think so?" I mumble. "Yeah." he says back kissing the top of my head. I feel tears sweel up in my eyes and i can't hold them in. I burst into tears burring my face into his shirt. I'm so stupid! I can't believe I would let this happen. Haliee was my best friend and I just ruined it. I cried for what felt like hours then began to grow weiry and eventually fell asleep.


Harry's P.O.V:

The lads and I decided to go clubbing tonight. Main reason being I was so drained from staying in the house all the time whining for not having Kasey. "Come on, Harry. Come out with me and the boys. It'll get your mind off things." Louis coaxed fluffing my curls. I smile and nod going into my room and changing. I dress in a black buttin up, black jeans and my black shoes. I fix up the curls and rearange me necklaces on my neck. The little paper airplane and the one saying 'wish'. I spray on some cologn, grab my jacket and followed the boys out the door.

~at the club~

the music was pulsing inside. Bodies everywhere dancing, stumbling and even touching in the corners. I walk to a bar stool and ask for a drink. "Thank you." I say as I take the liquor and chung it down. I give a satisfied exhale sitting it down to be refilled. I began to think. Kasey's supost to be coming soon. I'm going to have my love again. I smile drinking the 2nd glass of liquor. I get lost in though continuesly drinkinh through it. Next think you know all the colors and figures are blurring together. I swear I see a cat and a zebra to my left and chuckle at them as their mouths touched. I stand up almost falling over. "Woah! Watch your self." I yell to a wooden pole next to me. These damn poles always ruin my buzz. I look into the sea of dancing people. My eyes rest on a blonde in the back. She sat at a table on the otherside drinking a fruity drink. "Kasey?" I mumble to myself. I swear this is her. I run forward to get to her sitting next to her. "Hey beautiful." i say as I black out.

~the next moring~

I wake in my bed with a killer head ache.I roll over and squint open my eyes. There was Kasey next to me sleeping. I smile coming closer and kissing down her arm. She groaned making me smile bigger. I bury my head into her neck kissing her more. She rolled over grabbing my face and kissing me sweetly. Pulling away I open my eyes and realize....she's not Kasey. My eyes widen and I jump out of bed being over come with goosebumps. I look down. I'm naked. "What's wrong Harry?" the girl ask sitting up. The blanket slid off her chest revealing her breat. Shit! I begin to pace holding my fist to my mouth. "Are you ok." she ask I look at her again remembering her from the plane. Kelsey.

"No the fuck I'm not Kelsey." I yell grabbing a robe off the dresser and putting it on. "Wow! I'm glad you remembered my name. You were so shit faced last night." she laughing. When I didn't laugh back she stopped. "What?" she says. I grab the clothes I assum are hers and throw them at her. "What the fuck!" she yelled.

"Hurry up get dressed!" I say. "SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!" I yell throwing the lamp off the bedside table against the wall. Kelsey yells dropping her pants but quickly picking them up and putting them on. I grab her arm and usher her out the door. "What? No goodmorning love?" she says with a smirk. "No! Kelsey you knew I had a girlfriend and yet you still let this happen." I snap. "Me! Your the one that started undressing me in the cab! Your the one that brought his 'little friend' out for some fun." she says putting air quotes around 'little friend'.

"Just go." I toss her out the door. Watching her walk to the end of the hall and get in the eleator. I slam the door behind me feeling myself full with anger. I start hitting the walls of the hotel cursing like a sailer. How could I let this haooen. Now Kasey and the lads are going to hate me. Not to mention management for breaking the 'no sex' rule. I go to my room throwing the rob off and getting in the shower. It helped cool me off a bit but the anger still took over and I ended up punching a hole in the wall. I can't I let this happen. I can't believe Kelsey let me do this to myself. I can't believe I did this to Kasey.

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