Let Me Love You (Sequal to Forever and Always)

Kasey heads back to Georgia to spend time with Haliee and her baby. But when Harry makes a mistake an old childhood face reappears and impacks her life does Kasey chose Harry or childhood lover Jake???


3. Nemo and Muddin'

Kasey's P.O.V:

I wake the next morning to the extremely loud cries of a baby. Groaning I roll over and cover my head, only muffling the noise. The crying stops for a second and I sigh with relief. Then it starts up again. I whine and throw the covers aside, walking into the living room. Haliee is holding the crying Caden. rocking him and trying to give him a bottle. "Morning Kasey." she says as I shuffle past and collapse on the couch.

"Mornin'" I say back just as the bottle slips into Caden's mouth. I mentally smile, he had stopped. I just lay still on the couch letting the ticking of the wall clock and Caden's gurgling lullaby me to sleep. I began to doze. As I slip into the darkness I see me on the beach, running around, laughing. I look behind me seeing nothing and continue on. Then Harry appears smiling next to me. His brown curls bouncing as we run together.We stop and stand looking into each others eyes.  He laces our finers together and he pushs me onto the sand. I giggle as he kisses me softly and leaves love bits on my collar bone. Smiling I pull him back up and smash our lips together. When we pull away I look at him. Only its not him...it's Jake. I try to tell myself to run away that Harry's my one and only. But I don't listen to myself, it's like I'm in a trance. I pull away from the dream telling myself this is wrong.

I wake to my phone ringing. I quickly pick it up and answer. "Hello?" I ask my voice slightly groggy. "Hey." It's Jake. "Are we still on to hang out today." I sit up wiping the sleep off my face. "Um.. Yeah?! When do we go?"

'I'll be their in about 10 minutes. Wear something you wont mind getting dirty." I agree and hang up. Getting up I go to my rrom dressing in my torn skinny jeans, a Luke Bryan concert shirt that Harry got me months back because he knew I loved him, my highlighter yellow converse and throw my hair in a pony tail. I grab my phone and walk out just as Jake walks in the door. He's in faded jeans, a black shirt, a Georgia Bulldogs fightin', a camo cap and some muddy boots. "Hey!" he smiled. I smile back. "Ready to go?"

I nod and we make our way out the door. "Have fun!" Haliee yells as I close the door behind us and approach the truck. There was a four wheeler in the back. I haven't ridden one since I was 16 and now I'm 18 and about to do it again. "Whats the four wheeler for?" I ask as we get in and Jake starts the truck. "Its uh surprise." he says slipping his ashy blonde hair and making his hazel eyes sparkle. I will admit Jake is beautiful, but I'm in love with Harry and would hate myself if I hurt him. I smirk and look out the window and the Chevy falls silent. My phone bubbles:

Hazz ;)- goodmorning beautiful i miss u <3

Kasey :)- morning I miss u 2 </3

Hazza ;)- what is my lady doing today???

Kasey :)- I'm hanging out with an old friend Jake (:

Hazza ;)- ..oh, well I hope JAKE keeps his hands off my fuck buddy ;)

I laugh and Jake looks at me, "What's so funny?" I stop and say. "Its a secret." giving him a smile.

Kasey :)- haha i dont know he seems tempting ;)

Hazza ;)- when I see u again I'll make sure u know I own u!!!! ;)

Kasey :)- haha sure.. well g2g we just pulled up love u <3

Hazza ;)- love u more <3 <3 <3

We had pulled up to a track or better yet a huge mud hole. "Welcome to heaven!" Jake yelled as we got out of the car leaving our phones inside. "What are we doing here?" I ask stepping around a mud hole. "Muddin'" he smiled jumping into the back of the truck. "I cant mud in these! they'll turn orange!" i whine looking at me shoes. "I know thats why I got you these." and with that he handed me a box labled 'Justin Boots'. I smile tearing the box open. inside was a dirt brown boots with  carmal brown designs stitched into the side and a purple 'K' stithed too. I gasp. "I love these!" I had ditched my old boots before I went to London afraid the Brits would make rude comments like, "Look at the country hick she should back where she came from". You all know I'm the kind of person that wants everybody to love them. Jake smiles and helps me take off my converse and put on the boots. Just as I jump down a red dodge charger comes down skidding down to a stop next to Jake's truck.

A muscular boy jumps out hollaring with excitement. He had curly dirty blond hair and dark brown eyes. It takes me a second before I realize this is Brandon's brother, Carter. He wore a white t shirt, faded jeans, a Georgia cap and boots.  From the passenger side came a came a girl with firery red hair and golden brown eyes. She had on a pink tank top, white daisy duke shorts and and pink and brown boots that came a little above her ankle. They were cute but I'm not a big fan of them. "EHHHH! CARTER!" Jake yelled doing a bro hug with Carter. "I'm glad you and Allison could make it." Carter and the girl, Allison approach Jake and I and I feel myself grow shy like I always do... :P

"Carter, you remember Kasey right?" Jake asked holding a arm out to me asking me to walk foward. I do as Carter says, "HELL YEAH! Why wouldn't I remember the best barrel racer in the state of Georgia" he smiles wrapping me in a hug. Someone clears their throat. Cater steps away reveling Allison. "Oh hey. This is my beautiful girlfriend Allison." he introduced her as she came beside him adn wrapped her arms around him.

She smiles freindly, "So, your Kasey? Jake's been jumpin' out'a his boots, excited for you to come." I look at Jake to see his face redden as he looks away. It was cute that his little freckled cheeks got red as a smile reveals his dimples. I laugh as Jake changes the topic. "Well lets unload these four wheeler and get'a goin'" he hollared as he took some ramps and layed them on the edge. I move to the side letting him start the four wheeler and back out. "LEGO!" he yells as Allison and Carter do th same thing. Allison jumps on the back of Carter's four wheeler adn I do the same on Jake. Looking for a place to place my hands Jake says, "Wrap 'em around my waist." I hesitate for a second before doing as told. I mean what harm could it do?

Harry's P.O.V:

The boys and I just got back on the tour bus from our last show in the UK. Tomorrow we head to NYC and start the US part of our tour. I collapse in the couch and flip on the TV. Nemo was on. This is Kasey's favorite moive but it was weird not having her snuggling to my side quoting all the funny parts. I feel myself smiling as she would sit up and tell me. "I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine. He shall be my Squishy!" while poking my cheeks before kissing me. Once I kissed her and it her lip she pulled away yelling, "OW! Bad Squishy!BAD SQUISHY!" I flip off the TV, shower and crawl into bed. I feel my eyes grow heavy as I reach for her warmth. But then I remember she's in Georgia. I whimper quietly pulling my pillow close. This will have to do for now but I really miss MY Kasey. Soon to be Mrs. Kasey Ann Styles. That had a nice ring to it I wish she was here. We could've watched Nemo together and be snuggling now was I whisper sweetly into her ear. I'll see her again soon. But soon is never soon enough to see my love... <3

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