Let Me Love You (Sequal to Forever and Always)

Kasey heads back to Georgia to spend time with Haliee and her baby. But when Harry makes a mistake an old childhood face reappears and impacks her life does Kasey chose Harry or childhood lover Jake???


1. Blast From the Past

Kasey's P.O.V:

I had just landed at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. If you remember I had came to Georgia to visit Haliee and the unknown baby. Gathering my luggage I make my way toward the meeting area. Haliee was originally supost to pick me up but nobody could watch the baby and she didnt want to drive all this way with it. She promised me she'd get someone to come get me and I wouldn't be disapointed. Scanning the area for any familiar faces my eyes rested on a shaggy blonde haired and a soft smile. He was holding a sign reading: Kasey Smith in big cursive purple letters. We walk toward eachother and he opens his arms for a hug. I hug back thinking it'd be rude to deny.

"Wow Kasey, its been almost 5 years and you're still extreamly beautiful." I feel my cheeks slightly heat up but fade quickly. Pulling away I search his face for any familiar qualites, only to find none. His smile fades. "You don't remember me do you." I shake my head feeling bad that I didn't remember. "Well it's been so long I figured you wouldn't Casideia." It hit my like a train. Jake! As a kid Jake never called me Kasey but casideia, like the food. I never really understood why and I never asked.

"Ohmygod! Jake!" I gasp in surprise, hugging him again. He chuckled and hugged me back. "Its been so long I didn't reconize you. Plus you didn't have this shaggy Justin Bieber hair." I smile flipping his hair out of his eyes. I remembered when I was fifteen and I started getting feeling for Jake. Jake, with his hazel eyes that when the light hit them just right looked a stunning light green with a hint of brown around his pupil. Jake his sweet country accent and freckles acoss his cheeks. I shake the thoughts out and follow him outside. The sun beat down on my pale skin. In Homles Chapel its always cool and sometimes rainy so I lost my tan, sadly. I sheld my eyes and hiss silently.

Jake laughs as we reach an old chevy truck. Taking my bags from me Jake begins putting them in the back of the truck. I hear a small tinking noise and my eyes dart to the ground. The ring Harry had given me just the night before layed on the ground. I quickly snatch it up and throw it in my pocket. Paul made it pretty clear to me that nobody is to know about the engagemant. He believes the fans wouldn't be too happy and could ruin the boys career. "What was that?" Jake ask pointing to my pocket. I shift slightly and shake m y head. "Nothing." Jake gave me a look then followed me to the passanger side, opened my door, helped me in, then got into the driver seat.

"You know Kasey. I'm really happy that your here. I missed you... Alot." I smile and reply, "I missed you too, Jake."



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