Let Me Love You (Sequal to Forever and Always)

Kasey heads back to Georgia to spend time with Haliee and her baby. But when Harry makes a mistake an old childhood face reappears and impacks her life does Kasey chose Harry or childhood lover Jake???


4. A Fight

Harry's P.O.V:

The lads and I had just boarded a plane and were on our way to NYC. I take my seat next to the window. Louis sits next to me with a groan. He and Zayn were wrestling and he hit his hip pretty hard, it left a green bruse. Next to him Niall plopped down in the seat turning on the button above his head and ordering some food before we even took off. Liam sat in the middle seat on the otherside and Zayn next to him by the isle. Our private plane was having problems so we're stuck in a regular everyday plane but in 1st class. Minutes later a blonde haired teenage girl with dark blue eyes slowly mad her way to  her seat. A look of shock had confumed her and Niall speaks, "Hey beautiful. What's your name." Her face go red and she was a bit shakly. It's just something me and my 4 sexy bitchs do to these ladies. Thir like putty, throwing themselves at us. Kasey didn't do that, guess thats one reason I liked her. Besides those short shorts and tanktop she wore the 1st day we meet to shut me up.

"Kelsey." she said softly rubbing sweat from her palms on her jeans. "Don't be nervous Kelsey. Were not gonna hurt you...well maybe Niall would but he's hungry so." Liam says as Niall shoots her a wink. I smirk and look over Kelsey. Her thin tan body, freckles on her cheeks and dark blue eyes. She had bleach blonde hair and wore a pair of blue jean shorts and a white netted top. She looked alot like Kasey. My mind began to wonder. I think about they boys and I going to Nando's when Kasey worked there, going to the studio and me talking to her through the glass as I said, "I love you."her blushing and mouthing 'I love you' back. Us messing around while cleaning the pool for Louis' party. The kiss we had shared that morning. I miss her so much. I've lost her twice through our relationship and I hated not having her with me to protect. I needed to see her soon or I might just die!

Niall interupted me from my thoughs. "HAHA! You know. You look alot like Kasey." He said to Kelsey as she looked at Niall with grave interest. "Doesn't she Harry?" She turned to me waiting for a reply I couldn't bring myself to speak so I just nodded. She smiled and blushed makin me and the other boys smile.

~ After the flight~

we grabbed our bags and raced out the back door and were still crowed by fans. Niall yelled as one girl took his hat and he tried to get it back. Management pullled him back and quickly put him in the van with the rest of us. I watched as th girl was drowned by other fans ripping and tearing at her to get the hat. I felt bad and wanted to help but what could I do. One step out of this van and I'd be demolished. Guards rip them apart making me feel less guilty.

We arrive at the hotel jet jegged but I still txted Kasey.

Hazza ;)- Just made it to NYC promise me you'll come see me soon I'm going crazy </3

Kasey :)- I promise I'd come right now if I could :(

Hazza ;)- why cant u ill get u on the next flight

Kasey :)- desprate eh? ;) no I cant Haliee needs me here.

Hazza ;)- fine but ur coming Wednesday!

Kasey :)- yay! only in two days

Hazza ;)- too long!

Kasey :)- haha but time will go by fast since ur so busy :)

Hazza ;)- true well g2g im tired damn jet leg keeping me from me FIANCE!!!!! <3

Kasey :)- haha love u

Hazza :)- love u too

I lay in bed closing me eyes I see her siloutte and soon drift off.


Kasey's P.O.V:

I had fun with Jake, Carter and Allison yesterday, but I swear I still have mud in my ear and Ive bathed atleast 6 times! Haliee took Caden to the doctors a few minutes ago for some shot  with a weird name. She asked me to come but I nicley declined saying Jake and I were gonna hang out. She left and now Jake sat next to me watching Ridiciousness. "This shit is stupid!" he yelled. "And you like this crap?" I shake my head, rolling my eyes. "Don't roll those eyes at me." he joked poking my sides. I yelp and move away knowing I just exposed my weakness.He tackled me against the couch tickling me.

"AH! STOP! HA-HA ST-! HARRY STOP IT!" he stopped and looked at me with a wide smile. "Who's this Harry?" he joked. I cross my arms not giving in. "Is he bigger than me?" he asked flexing his muscles. I laugh and nod. "LIES!" He yelled. "Is he a gay Britsh boy?"

"He's not gay but yes he's Britsh." he looked for something to say and settled on, "Well I bet ur Brit can't throw lift u up with one arm." I give him a look just as he grabbed my waist and tried to haul me off the ground. I squeal trying to wiggle out. He laughed and held me above his head with one arm. I layed still afraid any sudden movement I'd fall off and die. "Now ladies and gentlemen! The sexy Jake Owens is going to throw the beautiful Kasey Smith onto the couch and ope she doesn't die." I squirm tring to get out of his grasp but he threw me down crawling on top of me pinning my arms and legs down. "Let me go!" I yell/laugh.

"Not until you tell me who the best." he smiled. "Harry!" i say giving him a answer he didn't want. "NOPE WRONG! Try again."

"Carter." i say giving him a puppy dig look. "That's it if you don't say my name I'm gonna spit on u." he remembered my issues with spit. I'm a germ-a-phobe and spit was one of the nastiest things to me. "You wouldn't!" he smiled working a lougie from his throat into his mouth. I yell and try yo squirm close to tears. This is nasty and he knows i hate it. "You can end this sufferning if you say it."

"Jake is the best." i whisper. he put his ear close to my mouth. "Who?"

Jake." he pretended he couldn't hear and a string of spit began to come out of his mouth. I flipped. "JAKE!" he smiled and sucked in the spit. I give him a look that was same nasty shit he just did. And most country boys seriously do that! Haliee came in the door holding Caden with a pissed look on her face. "Hey I though you were taking Caden to the doctor?" I question sitting up and looking at her. She threw the diaper bag on the table. "Well if you had your phone you would know my car broke down FIVE MILES down the road!" she yelled making Caden whine.

She put him in his play pen. "I'm sorry my phone was on vibrate and I swear I didn't mean to not answer." I plead. I hate when my friends are mad at me and yell. "WELL YOU WERE TOO BUSY WITH JAKE HERE YOU PROBALLY COULD EVEN COME GET ME!" she snapped. "I would too." I snap back raising to my feet clenching my fist. "EVER SINCE YOU GOT HERE ITS BEEN "JAKE THIS" AND "JAKE THAT" YOU HAVEN'T HUNG OUT WITH ME AND I THOUGHT THSTS WHY YOU CAME!"

"I did come for you but I haven't seen Jake-"

"THERE YOU GO AGAIN! You know what get out! Go stay with Jake because apparently you don't care about my baby and me! GO! I DONT NEED YOU!" she started going to my room throwing all my stuff at me. I fight back tears as I push her away from my stuff and start packing up. "Yeah! GET IT ALL I DON'T WANT ANY OF YOUR SHIT HERE, YOU WORTHLESS WHORE!" I snap. I lundge forward pulling her down yelling and crying. I blindly start hitting punching at anything. I feel my hair being ripped too and a blow is delivered to my chest. My breath shoots out but I keep going. Rough hands rip me off and i blink away the tears away and calming in th arms. I realize its Jake and I she Haliee gettingup. Her nose is busted, lip cut, hair everywhere and red marks all over her face and chest. I automatically feel bad and appoligies. "Im so sorry Haliee! I cn't control my anger and you know that! I'm so sorry forgive me." she still looked pissed but her lip was quivering and a tear fell down her cheek. "Get the fuck out Kasey! I don't ever want to see you again." and with that she left the room to tend to Caden still crying in the play pen. Jake releases me but I'm frozen in place. I can't believe I just did that.

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