Destined for death

Abbey quickly strode past the slave chamber, the cries for help from other girls mouth, set her off, If she helped them how would she escape.


2. Clubbing

The taxi arrived at the large house on the corner of Siger St. "FINALLY" Lacey yelled both excited yet annoyed that it took so long, Claire was rather sad that it arrived, she had hoped it had forgot about them so they wouldn't be able to go to the club. Claire looked up towards the black van, In the front seat sat Lacey already applying a quick second coat of mascara. "Run out of white vans" Lacey laughed. The van did have the electronic sign at the top and she had heard of some taxis being vans but only when there were 4 or ore people. "L-Lacey, maybe we shouldn't go, I have a bad feeling..." The butterfly's in her stomach that had arrived earlier have no turned into hornets flying and tumbling. "Don't be such a" Lacey added cat as the driver stared at her. Finally Claire rose of the seat on the porch and made her way towards the cab.

The entire 20 minute trip the driver was constantly looking back into his top mirror and gazed upon Claire, he did this every 2 minutes. He looked like he was keeping something away from the girls. He was. Lacey kept talking about this plan of hers to find a hot guy stick her tongue down his throat and get with him.

The club was very plain looking from the outside. It was called roof top because you had to go through the building to the top, the person who made this club isn't stupid, they put a strong fence like thing along the rim so no drunk person would fall, or jump off. On our way to the second floor they had to push through couples making out, people in fist fights, druggies, and drunkies. Finally they arrived at the top and the music was blasting sick beats. Lacey pulled Clair onto the dance floor. As soon as they were on the dance floor Lacey had disappeared, and reappeared at the bar. The last time Claire saw her she was chugging back a huge glass of beer. Next thing you know Lacey was grinding up against some drunk guy.

Claire's Point Of View:

Why do we even come here, ugh sometimes Lacey can be really annoying! I must say that was quite some guy she was dancing with. I bet you anything he has a very big- NONONONO DONT THINK THAT, THATS BAD. I got off the dance floor and sat at the counter of the alcohol shack. "Can I get you anything" The woman asked, she was holding a dishcloth and wiping a cup. Her outfit was black pants a black shirt that showed way to much. "I will take a blue raspberry" "Ok" She rushed over to prepare my drink. "Hhhey there sexy-" Before I knew it my fist was in some mans face. "I AM SO SORRY" wait no I am not! "Issss all gooooooood" He slurred. "Hahahaha first time at a bar" You can tell when its there first time because he had the smell of the drink boutihque on his breath which is what the waitress's/waiters will put in your water if your a newbie to get you drunk. That's why you got to act like you own this club otherwise your next. "Mmaybbeee but this is also the fffiirrssst time I have talked to such a beautiful ladle as yourself" I am totally going to take advantage of him. "Oh thanks, I didn't know a LADLE such as myself could be so beautiful" "Ladle, Hahahaha why are you saying ladle your funnnnnnyyyyyy, you seem like a fun girl, why don't you come overrr to my house tonight and we can have some fun" "No thanks" "Come on babe" He put his hand on my thigh and squeezed really hard. "OUCH GET OFF ME" "Babe don't be like thisss" His grip tightened "YOUR HURTING ME, GET OFF, HELPPP" "SHUTUP OR I WILL F***ING HURT YOU" before I could say anything else the man was laying on the floor with a bullet wound in his shoulder. I ran over to the man and thanked him. "Thank you.." "No problem but since I saved your dam life your coming with me..."

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