Destined for death

Abbey quickly strode past the slave chamber, the cries for help from other girls mouth, set her off, If she helped them how would she escape.


1. Club

"HELPPPPPP" Claire yelled as her bestfriend lacey jumped on her back "You almost scared me to death!" Claire yelled pulling back her long curly blonde hair, she smoothed her light pink croptop and white booty shorts. "You love me bestie!' yelled lacey "Why do you always have to scare me like that!" claire said with annoyance "Because your no fun your so boring, let's go to the club tonight!" "Clubs are for desperate girls looking to hook up" "Not all the time" Lacey spoke soothingly "Please Claire, Please for me!" "Fine but not for you!" "Whatever, now we need to find something for you to wear!" "Nothing to fancy-" before claire could say another word Lacey was already holding up outfits "I'v got it!" Lacey said holding up a black shirt with a golden heart on the front, some dark jeans,gold hightops,and a gold necklace with a gold skull on it. "I'm impressed" said claire! "I will be wearing a light pink strapless top, with my highwasted white shorts and brown short leather boots" Lacey spoke already knowing. "Ok lets go get us some guys!"

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