Wedding Bliss

In this story, the boys of one direction are not the famous boy band we have all come to know an love. They are just regular people.

The story starts off at Kendall and Louis's wedding. Kendall and Louis are both 21 years of age.

Kendall's best friend, Kylin, is the maid of honor. As she watches her friend walk down the isle, she sees her happiness and wishes for her own.


1. Kendall's Wedding

Kendall's point of view:

*two hours before the wedding*

"What am i going to do Ky? My hair looks horrible!"

"No it doesn't!"

"It is RED! I wanted a slight red. Like an auburn. Not Ariel the mermaid red! I cant go out there looking like this!"

"Yes you can. Here. Sit in front of the mirror. Look at yourself. Louis loves you for you. Not your hair. So what if the hair dresser messed up? You will never look as pretty ad you do now, ever again!"

"Gee. Thanks a lot! Note to self! I wont ever look this good ever again!"

"No. I. I didn't mean it like that. I meant-"

"Stop! I'm kidding! I love you. Just please help me get my shoes on!"

*time skip. Ten minutes before the wedding.*

Kylin has gotten me all ready. I am holding my fathers hand, waiting to be escorted to my future husband.

Kylin's point of view:

Nothing could be more perfect than it is now. Flowers surround the church. Friends and family pile in their seats waiting to see the lovely couple. I smile and wave people to their sears as i make my way to the front stage.

The music starts to play, the crow quiets, the doors open. No Kendall. The music continues to play but she does not show. I casually pick up my long blue dress and make my way across the little red carpet. I exit through the doors that Kendall was supposed to come through only moments ago.

"What are you doing out here? Everyone is waiting!"

"I cant do this. My hair! Its going to ruin everything!"

"I told you Dee! He loves you for you. You could be bald and he wouldn't care! Now come on! Count to ten then follow me out. OK?"


I nonchalantly make my way back up stage and whisper to the musician to start over.

Kendall's point of view:

I walk through the door and see all of my friends and family looking at me. Everything seems so surreal. I look around the room and see people whispering. I can only imagine what they are saying.

"Omg. Look at her hair!"
"What happened to her?"
"Uck! Red?"

Tears start to form in my eyes. I look straight and see my fiancé standing on stage. A smile is brought to my face. Everything is OK now. Rumors, bad hair, whispers... Nothing could ruin this moment right now. Not that i am with him. And will be for the rest of my life.

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