Wedding Bliss

In this story, the boys of one direction are not the famous boy band we have all come to know an love. They are just regular people.

The story starts off at Kendall and Louis's wedding. Kendall and Louis are both 21 years of age.

Kendall's best friend, Kylin, is the maid of honor. As she watches her friend walk down the isle, she sees her happiness and wishes for her own.


2. Finishing The Wedding

Kylin's point of view:

As i see my best friend walk down the isle, i see her nervousness fade away. She is no longer worried about peoples' reactions. They are no match for her love for Louis.

Kendall's point of view:

I walk confidentially down the rest of the isle. The whole time smiling. The whispers around me fade away. Suddenly i am alone in the room. All except Louis are gone. The lights are shining on him. Almost like a spotlight in a dark room. He is the only person i can see. I love Louis. I really do. I grab his hand and walk up the three steps. He smiles and grabs my other hands.

The music stops playing and the first speaker comes up to the mic.

"Hi everyone. My name is Kylin. I am 21 years old. I met my best friend Kendall in the first grade. I remember we were sharing her box of crayons. Coloring a dog. She and i both reached for the blue at the same time. That is when i think we both realized this would be a relationship that lasts forever. And it did. One day i brought my friend over. She instantly fell in love. As soon as he left, she asked me everything i knew about him. His last name, if he had a girlfriend... Stuff like that. She was mad for him. I didn't think it would last. Just a little crush right? Nope. Now they are getting married. Oh and by the way ken... Your hair looks fine!"

Kylin steps down and takes her seat. I smile and blow her a kiss.

***little time skip***

"You may now kiss the bride."

Louis and i lean in and press our lips together. Our peers stand and clap. I grab his hand and let him lead me down the isle.

We wait in the front if the church to take pictures and say our thanks.

Kylin's point of view:

I wait in line to take my picture with my two friends. I stand in between them and smile. At the last second,just before the button is pushed, they both turn their heads and kiss my cheeks. I am caught off guard and start laughing so hard. I don't even know how the picture turned out. All i know is...they are happy. So i am happy.

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