Fantasy poems and verses

Long poems and verses, short poems and verses, rhyming poems, discriptive poems and verses! :-)


1. Monsters

                                                                                                                                Blood Worm

Through the deep, black forest it crept, leaving his mud coloured slime on every branched it passed. All the townsfolk dreaded when a full moon lit the navy sky above them. When there was a full moon at night the blood worm would come and gobble up many innocent people and children, in one large bite. It's long, flexible neck would come slithering around every corner. It's slime would leave a mark on every stone house. The stench of it would send everyone who smelt it to sleep. His only clothing was a torn, ragged shirt.His hands were as big as his humongous, brown, feet, with nails sharper than tigers claws. His arms and legs were wavy like a rough sea, but even then they could crush any human's bones. His arms stretched down to the floor so that he could pick up even the smallest child. His scars were deep and red as dark as death itself. The blood worms eyes were as white as the glowing moon, and his pupils weren't black, but grey, and they stuck out at the side of his huge, round head. But overall these features, it was the mouth that every person was afraid of. The blood worm's mouth covered all of his slimy face. His teeth went all the way around his mouth and there were three sharp rows of them. Some of his teeth were tiny but deadly, and some were even worse. Blood dripped out of his mouth and slowly fell on his terrified victims. The mouth was the last thing the townsfolk saw.              GreenSpirit

I'm Green spirit. Scary I might seem, but all I am is a body with a large, green, see-through blanket. All I do every day of the week is cover the earth with my emerald coat, and make it green and fertile. Many hundred's of years ago I didn't have to waist my gown, because people cared about the world and kept it green by themselves. But now it is different. I waist my coat every day on trying to make the world more green.

            I am fading.




           Shadow man

                He comes by night,

                  Not dawn or first light,

                 But black as a witches cauldron,

            Fleeing around every nook every cranny, searching for a little someone,

          He comes because he feeds on kids, skinny, fat, or small,

making his arms stretch 'round the buildings, up and down every wall,

                   His long, top hat was his net to catch,

                 Any escapee to he will snatch,

                 Children disappeared every night,

                Whenever the Shadow man came in sight!


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