Harry's Little Angel

Harry finds out he has a daughter named Darcy. Find out what happens.


2. lux's nightmare

we all walk back down stairs to talk to Dally about Darcy, but she was nowhere to be found all that was left was a note.

Dear Harry,

        I'm leaving Darcy with you. i wont be coming back. I'm sorry that im doing this but i think its the best. Please take really good care of her.  -Dally

oh great now im stuck with a 3 year old i just met. what am i gonna do? well at least i have the boys to help me. "HARRYS A DADDY" Niall screams. "niall be quiet the girls are sleeping" liam whisper/yells at him. we all hear lux crying. "nice going" louis yells at niall while smacking the back of nialls head. i go up to lux's room."hawwy" she says. "shhhhh its ok shhhh" i whisper to her. "hawwy, i scared" she mumbles. Zayn walks in the room. she screams at the top of her lungs and she was doing everything she could to get him away. "why is she acting like this?" zayn asks. "i have no idea, can you go get liam?" i ask "yeah" he replys walking out of the door. i set lux down and she runs over to a corner and curls up into a ball. "lux, whats wrong?" i ask while walking over and sitting next to her. she was shaking and crying. liam, niall, and louis walk in the room and sit around her on the floor. she looks up at them as Zayn walks in. she starts screaming at the top of her lungs again she digs her nails into my back trying to get me to move so she could hide behind me. "OUCH" I scream. "zayn get out" liam yells. zayn walks out of the room and she stops screaming. "lux come here please"  liam said. she comes out from behind me. she  walks over and sits in liams lap. "why do you get act like that when zayn comes near you?" liam asks her. "he hurt me in my dream" she replys. "that doesnt mean hes gonna hurt you" liam explains to her. "DARCY" she screams running out of her room and in to mine. we all followed except zayn. Darcy jumpped up out of my bed and screamed "LUX" they gave each other a little hug and walked back to lux's room. "there so cute" liam said. "BOYS, YOU HAVE AN INTERVIEW IN AN HOUR" paul screams.

"OK THANKS" we all reply. louis, zayn, and niall all go to there rooms to get ready. Liam and i go to lux's room to get lux and Darcy ready. "what do you to want to wear to the interview?" liam asks. lux grabbed Darcys hand an ran in to her closet. she comes walking out of her closet 10 minutes later wearing her long red dress that was ruffled at the bottom and had fake diamons on the chest area. Darcy walked out behind her wearing a long hot pink dress that had pink fabric roses for the strap, and a black belt. "we gonna be princesses" lux sassed. "cute little princesses" liam replyed. i took Darcys brown curls out of the her pony tall and put a diamond tiara on her head. liam curled lux's hair and put her other diamond tiara on her head. "COME ON ITS TIME TO GO" paul yells. we all run down stairs and out to the car. "well who is this princess?" paul askes. "Harrys kid" niall says. "Harry's kid? since when has harry had a kid?" paul asks. "since Dally told him and left her here" liam replys in an angry tone. "well ok then." paul says. right as we pull in the parking lot to the radio station.

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