Harry's Little Angel

Harry finds out he has a daughter named Darcy. Find out what happens.


3. interview

we all head into the radio station and stand around the mics. "we're here with One Direction" the report continues "so who are these to cute little girls" he asks. "this is are hair and make-up artists daughter lux" niall says while picking up lux. "and this is my daughter Darcy" i say while picking up Darcy. "wait, you have a daughter?" the reporter asks. "yeah i just found out about her. her mother kept her a secret from me and then left her as are house and wont come back" i reply. "wow. so how old are you two?" the reporter asks. "i is 3" Darcy replys "i is 2" lux replys "well you two are adorable" he tells them. they both giggle and say thank you. After the interview louis and eleanor took Darcy shopping.

Louis' P.O.V:

"how about this shirt?" i ask holding up a shirt that says "I'm the princess". "awww thats cute" eleanor says. we shop for 2 more hours then head home. we walk in the front door to see lux standing on the coffee table yelling at niall and harry for eating the rest of the cookies. "lux, get your butt down" liam said. "BUT THEY ATE THE REST OF MY COOKIES" she screams. "well we can get more. now get down and go play with Darcy" he replys. she hops off the coffee table and in to Harrys lap and accidentaly knees him in the croch. Niall grabs her off Harrys lap and Harry drops to the ground in ball form. "i sorry harry" lux says to him. "hey look louis and eleanor are back" zayn yells. harry gets up and trys to fake being ok all the way to his room. " you guys do know you have a concert in less than an hour right?" eleanor says "WHAT?! COME ON WE BETTER GET GOING" liam yells. we all run to the car and start to head to the arena. "WE FORGOT HARRY AND THE GIRLS" liam yells. we turn around and head back to the house. Harry, Lux, and Darcy are sitting on the front steps waiting. we pull into the drive way and they come running and jump in the care. " oh look they came back" harry says in an angry tone. and we all head off to the arena.

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