Cling Clang (League of Legends fanfic)

Cling clang, go the chains,
Someone’s out to find you...


6. 6

Don’t stop, flee the chains,

A turn on my heel, before tearing away once again, moving in and out of the shadows cast by the street-lamps. Their flickering candlelight casts long, orange shadows, much better than his sickly green-blue ones. They say that his lantern sucks up your soul once you're dead, and that you will spend forever more in his lantern if he catches you.

Your last chance to escape!

I duck into a house now, diving under the low door. I watch him pass, seeming not to notice me. Leaning back against the wall, I sigh with relief.  I peer out of the window once more, just to be sure. He's gone. I freeze, feeling something cold almost breathing on my neck.

Are you going to beg for mercy? As they always do?

The voice whispered. It seemed to echo, despite the small size of the room. I collapse in front of him, looking up with frightened eyes, knowing the end is near. He waits for a few moments, before sighing.

Pity. I was rather looking forward to hearing your pleas after such a long chase. I do hope you're going to at least scream...

He looks down on me, or at least, appears to, before I see the scythe swing down. I screamed, at the top of my voice, and I heard the last thing I ever would. A sigh, followed by a distant sentence, before it all went black.

I do love it when they scream.

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