Cling Clang (League of Legends fanfic)

Cling clang, go the chains,
Someone’s out to find you...


4. 4

I fall. My feet slip from under me, as if I were a glass, sitting on a tablecloth, just before someone rips if from beneath. The ground rushes towards me, eager to meet me. I let out a cry as gravel digs into my palms. Poor horses, having to go over the hard, compressed dirt that makes up the roads, with occasional streets lined with cobblestones.

The Warden's....

I freeze, hearing the last line uttered slowly, hanging after warden.

... Right...

A lump rises in my throat, as I slowly turn to look behind.

... Behind...

I gasp at what a see, and begin dragging myself forward, trying to get away.

... You...

He stands there, motionless, head down, chains dangling from his body. I see what tripped me up. His glowing scythe lays a meter or so away from where I lay, sprawled, across the ground. In his right hand he holds the chain which connects to the odd weapon. In his left he holds the lantern. The old lantern they say he used to carry on his rounds. Its sickly green-blue glow casts a horrid light over the ground. His thick, heavy coat seems sealed around him. Chains wrap around his body, with odd keys and locks hanging off here and there. His empty eyes seem to watch me. The essence of his soul swirls around his head, somehow keeping the floating pieces in the air. Jagged... Stone? Forms his teeth. His bottom jaw hovers a few centimeters bellow the top. Then I hear a voice whispering to me.

Have to you ever seen your soul...?

Thresh, the chain warden, had come for me.

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