From the Past

Elena is a normal fourteen year old. She has friends and she has hobbies like everyone else. She's also the "special" friend that you just can't figure out. She has no idea who she is either. All she knows is that there's someone she just can't get off of her mind. She's knows every other girl in freshman class feels the same way, and he's a "trouble maker", as her stepmother would say, so she doesn't know why his smile is her every thought.

Who would've thought a simple crush could bring chaos that changes everything.


1. Preface.


I walked into the doorway, cringing. It was dark, and I could feel my fight or flight instincts arise.

" Looking for somethin', sweetie? " a small woman with a southern accent asked me.

" Yes. Could you please tell me where Mr. King's office is? " I asked.

" Of course. It's on the thirteenth floor. " the woman replied to me.

" Thank you." I said with a smile,and went past the receptionist's desk to the elevators.

There's something wrong, I thought once I got onto the elevator. Most receptionists don't let a teenager into the building, much less tell them where they need to go.

" I'm glad you have enough sense to realize that. " An English accent says from beside me.

" To realize what? " I ask extremely surprised, I didn't know anyone else was on the elevator with me.

" Oh," she says, a bit dumbfounded," You've never met a mind reader before. "

" A what? " I ask a bit frightened, because it seems that the woman is a bit crazy.

" And what are you? A Healer? A Natural? " She lists the possibilities.

This brings the conversation Fane and I had to mind. "There are... strange things in my family." I remember him saying. "A whole other universe." 

I had thought he was being sarcastic.Apparently not.

" I'm not anything." I say, frightened.

" A mortal." the woman says with venom in her voice.

" One you have no control over, I might add." a tall dark haired man said as the elevator door opened.

" Oh, Mr. King, how nice it is of you to meet Elena, my newest acquaintance. " the woman replied.

" Actually, as of the moment, Elena came to see me. I would appreciate if you went to sit with Diana."

The woman who looked like, from her clothing, someone who did not take orders, but she did exactly what Mr. King asked her to do.

Now, I realize,  something is happening. I don't know what though, but I have a feeling I'm about to find out.



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