One Direction Imagines (ON HOLD)

One Direction imagines. If you want an imagine, comment your name, hair and eye color,the boy and if you want extras. Example:

Ashley, blonde hair, blue eyes,Liam, Danielle and Harry

For all ages. :)


4. Niall imagine for Kaylie

It was summer and you were really sweaty.  Suddently, your phone rang. "Hello?" you asked holding your phone to your ear. "Hey babe.It's me Niall" you hear Niall say. You smile and ask "What's up?". "I was wondering if you'd like to go to the pool with me" he says. "Sure. I'd love to" you answer. "Okay. I'll pick you up in 15 minutes" he says then hangs up. You rush to your closet and pick out a black bikini with red polka-dots. You put on some black flip flops on and take a towel. A few minutes later, you hear a knock on your door. You open it and see Niall in a red bathing suit and floaties around his arms. You laugh and step outside."Bye Harry.Bye Lou. Bye Liam. Bye Zayn!" you call. You close the door behing you and walk to the pool. Soon, you are there. You put your towel and a chair and take off your sandals. Suddently,, you feel someone push you into the water. "NIALL!" you yell as your head reaches the surface. "Ok. I'm sorry" he says and jumps in too. "I'll get you good!" you yell and start swimming after Niall. You are a really good swimmer and catch up to him quickly. "Gotcha!" you say as you put your arms around him. He turns to you and frowns. "No fair!" he whines. You laugh. "I love you Kaylie" he tells you. You blush when he says it. "I love you too, Niall" you tell him. You feel him pull you closer and push your dyed red hair out of your face. He gets closer and closer. Suddently, you are kissing. You guys break apart blush. "It's getting late" you say. "Yeah. I should probably take you home" he tells you. "I forgot my keys at home!" you exclaim. "Don't worry love. You can stay with me" he says. You guys get out of the pool, wrap yourselves in towels and walk to his house. When you are there, both of you change into dry clothes. He lended you pants and a shirt. In the living room, you cuddle with each other and get closer and closer again. You are kissing again. Like the last time, you feel fireworks and know that Niall is your true love and Niall and you will be together forever.   <3

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