One Direction Imagines (ON HOLD)

One Direction imagines. If you want an imagine, comment your name, hair and eye color,the boy and if you want extras. Example:

Ashley, blonde hair, blue eyes,Liam, Danielle and Harry

For all ages. :)


7. Niall imagine for Ines (pretty name by the way)

 "Ines?" Niall asks."Yeah Niall?" you ask. "Can I ask you a very important question?" he asks. "Yeah Niall. You can ask me anything." you say looking at him. He sighs and finally asks "Can we order pizza for lunch?". Louis, Harry, Zayn,Liam and you start laughing like crazy. "Yes" you answer. "YAY!" he yells and fist-bumps the air. "I guess I should call Papa John's now" you say and pull out your phone. "Hello,I would like a large pepperoni pizza." you tell the person who is talking to you. You tell him your address and hang up. "Pizza will be here in 15 minutes" you told everyone. You turned to Niall and caught him staring atyou. "Um Niall?" you ask waving your hand in his face. "Sorry.It's just that you're so beautiful" he sighs. "We should go" Zayn tells the boys. They nod back and run upstairs. "Thank you Niall" you say blushing. "I was wondering if you' my... girlfriend?" he asks.You heart stops and you just stare at him. He frowns and looks worried. You take a deep breath and say "Niall...I'd love to!" You hug him and he smiles. You get closer and closer and suddenty, someone knocks at the door. You open the door and take the pizza from the guy. You give him 15 bucks and close the door. You look at Niall and say" Cover your ears" He covers his ears with his hands."GUYS! PIZZA'S HERE!" you scream. The boys came rushing down like an avalanche. They and you ate the pizza. Soon, it was time to go to bed. "You guys! It's bedtime!" you say turning off the tv. "Awww" Louis whines. "Come on" I say. They all get off the couch and go to their rooms. Once they are gone, Niall and you laugh. When you finish laughing you and Niall get closer and closer until you kiss. It was a good kiss and you guys break apart. "Ines?" Niall asks. "Yes?" you ask. "You are my princess" he says giving you a kiss on the cheek. <3

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