One Direction Imagines (ON HOLD)

One Direction imagines. If you want an imagine, comment your name, hair and eye color,the boy and if you want extras. Example:

Ashley, blonde hair, blue eyes,Liam, Danielle and Harry

For all ages. :)


15. Louis imagine for Chante

"Chante want to go to the movies?" your boyfriend Louis asks. "Sure" you answer and put on your jacket. You are already dressed unlike Louis so you have to wait for him. You sit on the couch and start playing Angry Birds on your iPhone 5 Louis got you as a present. "I'm ready!" Louis yells as he walks towards you. He put on his jacket and opened the door. You stepped out of his flat and started walking towards his car. He followed you. "Louis unlock the-" you began as you turned around but stopped because he wasn't there. You decide to look for Louis so you look under the car and the other side of the car. He wasn't there. You felt like someone was watching you so you looked behind you and Louis was there. "Louis!" you yell as he starts to run. "Louis!" you yell again and chase him. He runs around in his backyard so you decide to hide behind the car. You put your feet in front of the wheel so he can't see them and squat down. "Chante?" you hear Louis asks as he stands on the opposite side of the car where you are hiding. You slowly creep up on him and yell "Gotcha!" "Hey!" he yells as he tries to run away but you grab his arm. "No more running!" you tell him. "Fine!" he sighs and you let go of him. Suddenly, he runs away. Again. You chase after him. Again. "I'm going to get you Louis!" you yell as he runs to the backyard. Again. You run after him and he trips over a rock. "Louis are you ok?" you ask him worried. "Yeah, I'm fine" he answers. You lend a hand to help him get off the ground. When he's up, you grab him and say "I gotcha now!" "Hey! That wasn't fair! I fell!" he whines. You roll your eyes and give him a kiss on the lips. You break apart and ask "Fair now?" "Yup" he answers as he kisses you. You go back inside and watch a movie. "I'm sorry I couldn't take you to the movies" he tells you. "It's okay. This is so much better" you answer. You cuddle with him and give him another kiss. You love him so much. He was he best boyfriend you have ever had. <3

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