One Direction Imagines (ON HOLD)

One Direction imagines. If you want an imagine, comment your name, hair and eye color,the boy and if you want extras. Example:

Ashley, blonde hair, blue eyes,Liam, Danielle and Harry

For all ages. :)


11. Louis imagine for Belicia

"Belicia!" Louis yells from upstairs. "Eleanor and Perrie are here!" You rush downstairs and give them a hug. "Hey Belicia!" Eleanor chirps as you give her a hug. Eleanor and Louis have dated before but it didn't work out. Eleanor and you are still great friends because she has a new boyfriend. Louis doesn't seem to mind, though.  Suddently, the door opens at Niall  and Zayn come in. "Niall! Zayn!" you yell and givehem a hug too. You don't notice Louis frown when you hug them. "Hi Belicia!" they exclaim and flop on the couch. "Why are you here?" you ask trying not to sound rude. "We just stopped by to see if you're ok" they answered. "Why wouldn't I be ok?" you ask. "No reason" Zayn says. "Ok! Time to go!" Niall yells. They all rush out the door and leave you confused. "Well that was weird" you say as you turn to Louis. "Yeah" he answers. Suddently, you both burst into laughter. You laugh so hard you and Louis fall on the couch. His face is red and you guess yours is too. "Now that we're alone, I want to ask you a question" Louis tells you. "Ok" you answer nervously. "Belicia, I really like you and I have feelings for you. Will you be my girlfriend?" he asks. "Yes!" you yell and kiss him. You break apart and he smiles. You smile too because you know that saying 'yes' and beind with him forever is the right choice tomake. :) <3

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