One Direction Imagines (ON HOLD)

One Direction imagines. If you want an imagine, comment your name, hair and eye color,the boy and if you want extras. Example:

Ashley, blonde hair, blue eyes,Liam, Danielle and Harry

For all ages. :)


6. Liam imagine for Laura

"Liam!" you exclaim trying to wake up your husband. "What's wrong?" he asks worried as he sits up quickly and looks around. "Nothing is wrong. Breakfast is ready" you explain. "Oh" he says,relieved. "Come on!" you tell him. He gets up and goes to the kitchen. He sits down and eats his pancakes silently. "What's wrong?" you ask. "How do you know something is wrong?" he asks looking at you. "Well, you look really ill" you explain. "I feel really ill too" he says. "You weren't going to tell me, right?" you asked angrily. "" he mumbled. "Why?" you ask. "I don't want you to get worried" he answered. "I get worried either way" you explained. After he finished his breakfast, you told him to lay down on the couch. You took a thermometer and shoved it in his mouth. Once it beeped, you took it out. "Liam, you have a fever" you said. He groaned and you went into the kitchen. You took a clean tiny towel and poured cold water on it. "Here" you say giving it to Liam. He put it on his chin. You laugh. "Liam! It's supposed togo on your forehead!" you exclaim. He puts it on his forehead and says"I love it when you laugh" You blush and give his some medicine. He drank it and smiled. You gave him a kiss on the lips.  You brake apart  say "I love you Liam". He smiles and says "I love you too,Laura".  <3


Fun Fact: Laura A.K.A liam_harry4ever21 is my cousin! <3

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