Alienated and Dying

We alienated ourselves from the help of the others, the other planets. Now orange fog looms over the surface of the earth. The air is dusty, and the humans are in hiding. A few days remain before we burn; before the earth dies.


2. Alienated and Dying

       Together we made our way down the stairs and into an alley. Though I was supporting him, he was leading me.  As we worked our way towards the outskirts of the city, darkness descended upon us.  We moved silently, driven by an invisible force.  Again the words of the song played in my mind.

           Rats dispersed in all directions as we entered the enclosed area. Rodents skittered across my bare feet. Weeds had pushed their way through the moist cracks in the pavement, and the bricks on the walls next to me had been worn down by weather and moss.  The smokey cinders of the earlier landscape had been replaced with a murky dampness.  Moisture hung in the air like a blanket.

           The constant trickle of water nearly drove me mad. It was the constant worry for Mason’s life that kept me sane.

           He motioned me toward a cracked door. I slowly began to push it open when the hinges came loose. With a bang, the door collided against the floor, causing thousands of rats to scramble, and flies to scatter.

           A rank smell emerged from the pit of darkness. I gave Mason a wistful glance, hoping he had gone to the wrong place, praying. He only nodded, motioning me forward.

           As I entered the dank building, I caught a glimpse of humans. Shying away in the corners, just like the rats, were children. Their hair was matted to their sooty faces. Their clothes were tattered and sour. Instantly, I felt a pinch in my chest.

           Something inside me urged me to stop and help them, but I shoved the feeling away and headed up the concrete stairs. Warmth flooded my eyes, and salty tears trailed down my face.

           “Hey, its okay. We can fix this,” Mason said. He must have noticed my tears.

           I looked to him, my eyes swollen. I wish I could stay but they had come.  My time here was ending.

           He led me to an old apartment room. I opened the door, and this time, the hinges didn’t come loose. He released himself from my support, and headed for a chair. It was quite small, and had a wooden frame. He plopped himself down and gasped.

           I immediately rush to his side, and began tending to his wounds. My hands fluttered unsure where to land.  Finally, I tore his shirt, and began to wrap it tightly around his shoulder hoping to stop the bleeding.

           “Do you think we will make it? Do you think we can save earth?” he whispered.

I swallowed hard, “I’m not sure. The humans have pushed away from the aid of the other life forms out in the universe. You humans are stubborn like that.”

            “Why are you here then?”

            “My people wanted to help you when everybody else had turned away from earth. The others want to see your planet burn, you know.”

           “You didn’t answer my question.” He said.

           I sighed and look at him, “I was sent here as a last chance for your people. I came to tell your people that they have one more chance to accept our help.  They locked me up and refused to listen. So much pride. My people came for me today because they know earth is running out of time.”

           A ponderous look crossed Mason’s face, as if he were fighting inside his head. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, and then said, “You’ve done all you can do.  I have to get you out of here.”  He had realized that freedom for me was with my people.  

           I didn’t want to die, but I had grown close to Mason. I couldn’t leave him.  

           "I can't let you die on account of what the humans have done. We messed earth up, we have to fix it."

            I stared at him, and his face grew hard and determined. It became clear to me that he would not agree with my solution. Mason wouldn't let me die. "If I am leaving..."

            "Not an “if”, you are." he interrupted sternly.

             "Then I must give you vital information.” At these words Mason leaned in closer. Before I could begin, the sound of a hovercraft drowned out my voice. The window that rested only a few feet away began to pulse as the wind hit the glass. “It’s them my people. They found us.”

            Mason sprang to his feet wincing.  His hand instinctively covered his wound.  Ignoring his pain, he tossed me effortlessly over his shoulder. My head and chest bobbed against his back with every stride he took. His feet padded against the concrete stairs. I turned my head to see the children still hiding in the shadows. They were emaciated and nearly dead. The last verse of the song filled my mind...O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.  I knew what I had to do.

           I felt the warm outside air against my skin. “Hey! Over here!” Mason screamed while waving one hand in the air. “I have her!”

           At the sound of his voice, the hovercraft came swooping down. Its bright blue lights hid the shape of the ship. He immediately shielded his eyes as A ladder extended from the ship allowing me to enter.

           Mason slid me off his shoulder, and cradled my face between his hands. “What were you saying?” he whispered.

            My mind searched for the information. It was irrelevant now.  “Try to save this planet. I don’t want to see you die.”

           I ripped a dagger from his belt, and slid it across my wrist, spilling my silver blood. My fingers delicately touched his injured shoulder.  I heard air escape from his lips as the wound healed.

           I pulled a small vial from my pocket and watched as the silver liquid filled the container.   I pried his hand open, and place the small object into his palm. “This will give you the power to regenerate your earth,” I spoke softly as the sliver fluid continued to flow on the earth around me.  The gray dead earth came to life as the silver seeped into the cracks bringing forth a lush green.  

    “But what about you?  Can you heal yourself?” Mason’s eyes searched mine for answers.

    “I can heal pain inflicted upon me, but If I choose to inflict the pain on myself I must give up my life.  This is my choice.  My sacrifice.”

           “How can I live without you Eva?” He asked. A question filled my eyes.


           “Your name, Eva. It means new life.  That’s who you are now.” I felt my white cheeks turn pink as I whispered the name to myself.

           My face slipped away from his palms as I ascended to my ship. The last silver drops spilled to the earth as my body went limp, and my world began to fade into complete darkness.




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