3. Invitation

- Niall's P.O.V -

I can't believe she really let us walk with her. The guys made me talk to her and get to know her a bit. They're always trying to set me up. But I gotta admit, she was gorgeous. Her wavy, long hair flowing past the middle of her back. It was the color of sand and went perfectly with her even tanned skin. Her eyes were a big hazel gem. She was beautiful. I was admiring her beauty when I heard Harry ask, " So, you go to Amber Oaks Highschool too?" " yep. " she said. My gosh. Her voice was smooth and sweet. " I never knew you guys went there" she said. I could tell she was a bit surprised and very happy. " Well, actually. We just started. We came here to finish since the tour." I told her. " oh that's nice. " she replied. Every word she said sent chills down my back. " oh! And I'm sure you know all our names so what's yours?" asked Liam. " I'm Grace. Hilton." Grace... We all nodded. The rest of the walk was quiet, just the soft whispers of Zayn and Liam and some humming coming from Harry. I hadn't even realized that we made it to the school until Grace said, " so, it was AMAZING seeing you guys around and I hope I see you around school too but I gotta run! " Louis nudged my arm and I blurted " So maybe we um we all can hangout sometime? " "yeah! After school? " " okay! " we all shouted. " I'll meet y'all here?" "sure" I said. " alright!" she practically skipped onto campus.

- Grace's P.O.V -

I was so excited I practically skipped all the way to first period. They wanted to hang out with me. One Direction wanted to hang out with me. Aaahhhh! I couldn't wait.
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