5. Going Out

- Harry's P.O.V -

I can tell that Niall's really into Grace. But really, I was kinda jealous.

- Niall's P.O.V -

The guys and I were walking down the sidewalk where we were gonna meet Grace. " So Niall, liking this new girl?" Louis asked while the rest of them oohed. "um. Kind of. " I said embarrassed. That's when we saw Grace sitting on the curb. " Well hellooo there Gracie Wacie!" screamed Louis. " aha, hey Louis, hi guys!" she waved. I started getting butterflies in my stomach. " Hey Grace." " Ellooo." " Hi." "Afternoon Grace!" I was the last one and as I heard it come out of my mouth, I was a bit embarrassed at how perky I sounded.

- Grace's P.O.V -

He sounded so happy to see me. And of course I felt the same seeing him too. "So where are you guys taking me?" "NANDOS!" shouted Niall and I couldn't help but giggle. Of course. Why did I not know? "And after that since its Friday, you wanna hangout at our place? Or we can go to yours..." said Louis. "Let's go to yours. Mom and Blake are home today." I told them. " Blake?" they asked. "Yep. He's my stepdad" " why don't you call him dad?" asked Zayn. "Ehh. I can't really think of him as my dad. I mean, I love him and all but I don't think he can take the place." I chattered on. "Oh. Well let's go! I'm gonna die from starvation!!" shouted Niall. He's so cute.
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