7. Car Ride Home

- Niall's P.O.V -

I swear, Louis' onto something. He helped Grace in the car and then as she was getting comfy, he was making weird faces to me and raising his eyebrows up and down. That's when I realized that I wasn't gonna win and gave in. I climbed into the car next to Grace. Everyone else climbed in as Grace dialed someone and said, "Hey guys, I'm gonna call my mom and tell her where I'm at, Kay?" "Kay!" we said in a monotone. It was quiet as she listened to the dial tone. "Hello? Mom? Yeah, hey. I'm going out with some new friends tonight, is that alright?.... Mhmm. Yeah. Kay. I promise that you'll meet them someday. You're not gonna believe it! Yeah. Okay. Love you mom. Bye!" I couldn't help but smile athow excited she sounded when she told her mom about us. I mean, we are the biggest boy band in the world. "Turn the radio up!" shouted Grace. Zayn did as was told and they started singing along to to Beauty And A Beat by Justin Bieber. Then, I felt Grace lay her head down on my shoulder. Oh my gosh. We're touching. My heart started beating twice as fast and probably twice as loud. Then I thought. Maybe I like her more than kind of... After a while, I didn't hear her singing anymore and looked down. She looked so peaceful when she was sleeping. Her long lashes curled up and barely brushed her cheek. Her lips were plush and pink. Her tiny body making her just that much cuter. She was perfect. Louis caught me staring and cleared his throat. "She's sleeping." I whispered right when Liam pulled into our driveway.
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