8. A Little Advice

- Harry's P.O.V -

I wanted to sit next to Grace. I wanted to be the one that she falls asleep on. But noooo. Obviously, Niall likes her too. I hope my jealousy doesn't show. I mean, we just met the girl and I know she's supposed to be for Niall but I don't know. Maybe they're better together anyways.

- Zayn's P.O.V -

I noticed that Harry was a feeling down. I don't know why but I think I can help. Yeah. I think I'm gonna talk to him. But first I gotta get Grace out of the backseat. "Be careful Zayn," Niall said,"try not to wake her." "Too late." i heard Grace say tiredly. "You can put me down." I did as I was told. Niall and Louis walked Grace into our home with Liam right behind them. Harry was a couple feet back so I waited for him to catch up. "Wait Harry, I wanna talk to you." I said. We were still on the front porch.

- Harry's P.O.V -

Great. He's on to me. "Okay. Sure." I said without thinking. "Well, I can't help but notice that you've been quiet lately..." he said. Ugh. I just sat down without saying a word and stared at my hands."Mate, you can tell me, I might be able to help you." even though I knew that I could trust Zayn, I just couldn't tell him. But being the idiot I was, I told him anyway, "Well. I know we just met Grace and all but I think I really like her. But of course, so does Niall." "I can't give you much advice about that but all I can say is, you gotta let her choose. She'll fall for whoever she likes and we can't really do anything about it. But really, before you wanna start things. We have to get to know her more. We've only known her for about thirteen hours." he chuckled. I thought about what he said for awhile before standing up and replying "Thanks Zayn. I can always count on you, man. But seeing Niall, I think he likes her way more than I do." We laughed and walked inside.
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