A dream come true

Lainey a girl who loves one direction , tries to get tickets to a concert but she gets so much more


5. The date

The next day me and my mom went shopping. "Mom look at that beautiful yellow dress!" "That is beautiful lets grab it and go your date is soon." I got home 30 min later hopped in the shower, then did my makeup and tried out a brand new hair style. *ding dong* "Mom it's Harry!" "We'll have a great time Lainey see u soon" "bye mom".
" Hi Lainey" " Hi Harry" "Are u ready to go?" "Yes" "Alright lest go." Harry and I got in the car he blind folded me so I couldn't see where we were going. "We are here." Harry un blindfolded me. "Oh Harry this is beautiful!" "U really like it?" "Yes it's amazing." In front of me was a beautiful rose garden in front of a rushing waterfall. Harry set up a beautiful spot to sit and talk. Harry and I talked for hours about out life's and our interest, I realized that we have more things incommon then I thought. An hour later pasted and the date was over. "Harry I had a great time with u tonight." " I did too Lainey." Harry leaned in and kissed me. "Well I guess it's time for me to go home." " I guess so." As we reached my front door Harry stopped me. "Lainey I really like you, will u be my girlfriend?" "YES!" "Yeah well good night Lainey I love u." "Night Harry I love u too." Harry kissed me good night, as I hopped the door Harry stopped me once more. "Lainey wait!" Harry ran up to me and kissed me once more. "I love u." "I love I too." "Bye Harry." "Bye Lainey." The next day I got a text from Harry saying ,"Lainey I hv to go one tour I won't be able to see u for a while I luv u see u soon ;) <3." I frozen for a minute but then I realized that I'm lucky to be his girlfriend , I just have to learn to deal with him being on tour. I replied "Bye Harry I luv u too."
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