A dream come true

Lainey a girl who loves one direction , tries to get tickets to a concert but she gets so much more


4. The call

"Hi this is Harry Styles" "oh hi Harry do u hv a lot of time to talk?" "Yes, I called to ask u if h would like to go on a date with me?" "Yes I will were are we going?" "We'll it's a surprise my lovely one." "Oh I love surprises!" "Well then it's a date, ill meet u at your house oh and I forgot to ask where do u live?" " I luv on 2615 east canyon rode Tuson AZ." "Ok I will see u then love." "Bye." "Bye love...." Then the line went dead. "NO!!!!" I yelled " what if he was going to say I love u or bye lovie or bye lovely one?, why did the call hv to get cut off well at least I know that I'm going out with HARRY STYLES! " I need to find something to wear, mom we're going shopping"
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