A dream come true

Lainey a girl who loves one direction , tries to get tickets to a concert but she gets so much more


2. The big day

The day of the concert I woke up bright and early and tool a shower. Three hours passed and I was finally 1o'clock. "Mom it's time to go.", I yelled at my mom. "Ok sweetie I'm almost ready go and get in the car plz." I ran down stares to the car. It was 1:20 and we had finally gotten to the center. I raced to the door as I reached to open it the door swung open and knocked me to the floor. "Miss are u ok?" I heard from the man who had hit me with the door. I opened my eyes and to my surprise Harry Styles was standing right infront of me. "Yes I am fine thanks." "Well may I say that u are very beautiful , and your wearing the best color in the world." "Why thank u and yes it is the best color in the world it's my fav color." " wow well ill see u after the show lovie." "See ya"
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