A dream come true

Lainey a girl who loves one direction , tries to get tickets to a concert but she gets so much more


1. Oh my gosh

" LAINEY GET DOWN HERE",my mom called. I ran down stares, to my surprise my mother had two one direction concert tickets and back stage pass! A few weeks ago i had entered in a contest to try and win one direction tickets , i never thought that i would win."Omg I one the contest!, I finally get to see one direction in concert and I get to meet HARRY STYLES!" The concert is in two days." Mom I hv to get my hair redone and get my nails done!"
"Ok sweetie I will take u tomorrow to get that all done so u can look your best when u meet Harry Styles." "Thanks mom." The next day my mother took me to the salon, I got my hair cut and got dark brown high lights and I got orange zebra print nails. I got orange because its Harry's fav color. After my mom tool me to the mall to get something amazing to wear to the concert. "Mom look at the orange zebra print dress! That would go great with my nails. "Well it's cheep so go ahead grab it and let's go!"
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