A dream come true

Lainey a girl who loves one direction , tries to get tickets to a concert but she gets so much more


3. Back stage

After the show Harry took me back stage,and we talked for hours. We talked about our interest and about family friends. "Um so what do u look for in a guy?" "Well l like guys like u." "Oh well then I'm very lucky." Harry and u sad down at the table. "Come share a set with me." "Ok." I sat down with Harry , he turns to face me our eyes meet and as my eyes wondered of he kissed me on the lips. "Um I'm sorry , it's just that I really like u." "Its fine I really like u to." I leaned in and put my hand gently onto his face. I leaned in closer a kissed him. We sat there are just kissed. "Lainey it's time to go." "No!" Me and Harry both yelled. I sat on his lap and turned to face him." Harry here's my number call me when ever u want to ok?" " I'll do just that." I kissed Harry good bye and left with my mother. Has soon as I got home I got a call. "Hi this is......
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