The House Keeper

This story is about a girl who decides to take a different route home from school!
And all kinds of spooky things happen!


2. Chapter Two

I can hear a rusty bicycle chain coming closer, I start to slow down, the sound is getting clearer and louder, clearer and louder! I feel a rush of cold air passing me, the noise is now getting quieter, i'm starting to wonder if it was a ghost, but i'm not stupid enough to believe in something that's not real like ghosts! So I start walking again and i'm not scared anymore, besides, there are defiantly no such thing as ghosts, so I get the whole ghost thing out of my mind, it starts to rain, I slide my phone out of my pocket, and as soon as I do so I get a text for an unknown number, it says 'why did you take the mossy path?' How does someone know I took the mossy path? I am starting to get even more scared now! Still i keep a high head and carry on walking!

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