The House Keeper

This story is about a girl who decides to take a different route home from school!
And all kinds of spooky things happen!


1. Chapter One

School.. Yay, it has just been the half term and its the first day back at school, I am tired, bored and worn out! I sometimes hate school, I get bullied because of my red hair and my weight, I sometimes don't turn up to school, it annoys me, aggravates me, today I went to school, and as usual I sneakily tiptoe out of school! But this time it was different, I got out of school secretly but this time I wanted to explore where I live! I decided to take a different route home to get to my overgrown garden, this route that I was taking looked dark and old, it looked like no one had been down there for a while..but I want to know what is down there, now i'm scared but excited, as I walk down the moss covered path i hear an old bicycle bell, I start to wonder why I did that this route, but i'm lost now I don't know my way back, there are lots of different paths going in different directions, I don't know what path to take to get back out of this creepy rundown area, so i decided to carry on going 

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