Yes, It's Happening (sequel to Could This Really Be Happening)

(Read the first book to understand, please!) Ellie and Harry are back together, happy as ever. Will things stay this way, or become a whirlwind terror? Will Louis stay with Eleanor? Or fall for... Someone else? Is Liam really okay? Read to find out! No hate please!!!


35. Tragedy

*** Ellie's Point of View***


The boys could've gone alone.


I didn't NEED to be here AT ALL.


I didn't WANT to.


Gray and I wandered off while the boys were swarmed by girls and boys. Boy directioners were so sweet and friendly. They didn't ever hate on me, either. Plus, it took a lot of courage to be one.


Girl directioners were nice, too. Although, some hated on me. That, I didn't like. I loved the fans as much as the boys did.


Gray and I walked to the food court and ordered 6 strawberry donuts with sprinkles- my favorite!


I ate 2 and he ate 4.


Suddenly, the monitors flashed with a NEWS ALERT.


The attack on the Boston Marathon.


I immediately started panicking.


Aunt Lynn had moved to Boston in order to live with John in an urban apartment.


John was planning on participating in the marathon.


Aunt Lynn was planning on waiting for him at the finish line.


I started bawling.


Grayson knew why, too.


His emergency reaction was to cradle me in his arms.


I started shaking with anxiety and jumped away from him.


I didn't even make it to the trash can before I barfed.


I slid against a wall until I was squatting down and buried my face in my hands.


I could feel the slimy texture of my mascara as the tears flowed out of me.


I checked my phone. Nothing.


Grayson came over to me and kissed my head, pulling me close to him.


" Gray... Aunt Lynn..." I whispered.


" Shhh..." He mumbled softly, stroking my hair.


I saw Harry's feet appear before me.


" I sent texts." Grayson said.


" El, I'm so sorry." Harry said, sitting next to me.


He scooted in closer to me as Grayson loosened his grip on me.


I went limply to Harry as he hugged me. I breathed in his scent, felt the texture of his big hands on my hair, listened to the gentle and loving tone in his voice as he soothed me with his words.


I stopped crying and my breathing slowed.


I held on to Harry as he helped me up.


Grayson held my left hand, Harry at my right.


We didn't even say bye to the other boys as we left the mall.


I needed to see my dad.




Guys, today was another tragic event. Aunt Lynn IS a fictional character, but this could have really happened.


I did this to raise awareness of the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15, 2013. Today.


I love you guys so much.



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