Yes, It's Happening (sequel to Could This Really Be Happening)

(Read the first book to understand, please!) Ellie and Harry are back together, happy as ever. Will things stay this way, or become a whirlwind terror? Will Louis stay with Eleanor? Or fall for... Someone else? Is Liam really okay? Read to find out! No hate please!!!


12. Results

" Umm... Here are her results, doc. No internal or apparent damage." A nurse said as I woke up.


I opened my eyes, and I was in a hospital. I was hooked up to heart monitors and an IV. The last thing I remembered was the pain. And screaming while Lou held me. I don't know what happened after that.


" Oh! You're awake!" The nurse chirped with a smile.


She hurried out of the room, only to return with Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam.


" Hey." I smiled.


Lou rushed over to me and held my hand that wasn't occupied.


" Lou." I whispered, wide-eyed.


" They know, and so does Harry. I broke it to all of them." He stated firmly.


" Ah-hum. Well, no apparent damage, so it was probably just an anxiety attack. But we still don't know why you passed out." The doctor explained.


" Well, what happened to me?" I asked.


" You started crying and screaming, then passed out." Lou said.


" You can go home tonight, just rest tomorrow. I'm sure one of these young men will take care of you." He said.


In about 15 minutes, I was checked out of the hospital and in a cab home.


" Louis?" I asked.


" Yeah?" He responded.


" Was Harry- Okay?" I questioned.


" Sadly, yes. He was actually relieved, thanked, and congratulated me. I was apalled by it and taken aback." He explained.


" That's fine." I stated truthfully. I mean, at least I still had the both of them, right.


We got out of the cab and went inside the house; the other boys took another cab and Harry was with Anna at some crappy hotel or something.

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