Yes, It's Happening (sequel to Could This Really Be Happening)

(Read the first book to understand, please!) Ellie and Harry are back together, happy as ever. Will things stay this way, or become a whirlwind terror? Will Louis stay with Eleanor? Or fall for... Someone else? Is Liam really okay? Read to find out! No hate please!!!


8. Not Fight

" Babe, please. Let's not fight. I didn't do anything wrong." He stated, looking sorry.


" You went out with the girl you cheated on me with!!! HOW IS THAT ANYWHERE NEAR OKAY?!?!" I screamed, standing up.


" Ellie! You're not listening to what I have to-"


" YES, I AM!!! AND, QUITE FRANKLY, EVEN IF YOU ARE HARRY STYLES, I'M NOT OKAY WITH IT!!!" I screamed, not crying. I was just mad.


Harry grabbed my wrist tightly, looked me in the eyes as a tear trickled down his cheek and said," I didn't do anything bad. She asked me to break up with you. I told her no, because we were in love. Not hate. Please. Don't get angry, baby." He touched my cheek lightly, leaned in, and kissed it. He let go of my wrist and went inside.


He thought I hated him.


He really thought that.


That broke me.


A single tear fell from my cheek, then another.


But that was all.


I hated crying now. I rarely even cried now, unless I was really upset. But, that's just me.


I cry, I scream, I puke, I'm normal.


I walked inside and grabbed Harry's arm.


I took him to my room and shut the door.


" Harry, I don't hate you. I was just really upset. I- I'm really sorry." I explained.


" Ell, come here." He opened his arms and wrapped me up in a big bear hug.


We sat on my bed and talked for about an hour, until Grayson knocked on my door.


" Come in." I chirped.


" Hey, where's the- Oh, nevermind. I'll ask someone else.You're busy." He scowled, looking at Harry.


" Hey! Wait!" I said, taking Grayson into the hallway.


" Where's the bathroom?" He asked, not looking at me.


" What's wrong?" I asked.


" Him. He's wrong. He hurt you. I love you, Ellie. Can't you see that?" He said, looking hurt.

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