Yes, It's Happening (sequel to Could This Really Be Happening)

(Read the first book to understand, please!) Ellie and Harry are back together, happy as ever. Will things stay this way, or become a whirlwind terror? Will Louis stay with Eleanor? Or fall for... Someone else? Is Liam really okay? Read to find out! No hate please!!!


31. My Shift

" Niall, I'll just puke it up anyway." I spat.


" No you won't. At least, not as long as I'm your babysitter. And your puking isn't involuntary. You force it upon yourself." He smirked.


" I have to go to the bathroom." I muttered, trying to get up.


" Great! Let's go to the convenient family bathroom!" Lou said, getting up as well.


This was what had to happen, I knew that much. But I didn't WANT it to happen.


*** Liam's Point of View***


After Lou and El left to go to the bathroom, the boys explained their plan to me.


We were going to take shifts taking care of Ellie.


" But she's not a toddler." I said.


" She's bulimic." Zayn replied.


" A lot of girls are." I answered.


" But we don't WANT anyone to be bulimic. And, if we do this, El will KNOW we love her. All of us do, right?" Niall asked.


Zayn and I nodded our heads.


*** Zayn's Point of View***


Our food got here just as El and Lou did.


" Anything else?" The waitress asked.


" No thank you." Lou smiled.


We were all eating, even Ellie.


I was surprised, as were all of the boys.


If only Harry were here.


*** Harry's Point of View***


I left the motel about 30 minutes after I got there.


I arrived home (well, to Ellie's house) to a note on the counter:


Dear Harry,

     We all went out to eat- hope you had fun at Anna's. Stay here until we get back- we have a plan that DOES involve you.


                                                                                                                       The Boys


A plan?


That involved ME?


Well, if it had ANYTHING to do with E, then I was toast.


*** Ellie's Point of View***


We were in the Jeep on our way home when I got the call.


Aunt Lynn was pregnant.


" No way!!!!" I screamed into the Apple device.


" Yes way!" She giggled.


Since I had left, one of her college friends and her had started dating. Well, then he proposed.


A wedding.


AND a baby.


I was happy for her.


" Ummm... Well, John is making a cake and I'm afraid he'll burn it!! Toodaloo!! Bye, love!" She giggled before hanging up.


" Aunt Lynn is pregnant!" I squeaked.


" Yay!" Zayn said, acting girly.


I laughed at him.


We pulled up to the house and got out. Dad's car was here.


I hurried in.


He and Grayson were discussing something- but they were both smiling.


I hugged my dad.


" Hey, sweetie. Did you find a dress?" He asked sweetly.


" Uh, no. But I'll do that now." I said.


I grabbed the keys to the Jeep along with my purse and was halfway to the door when Grayson grabbed my arm.


" I want to go with you." He said.


" Uh, okay." I looked at Lou. He was smiling.


We climbed in the Jeep, me in the driver's side, Grayson in the passenger's side.


" So, why did you want to come with me?" I asked as we were backing out of the driveway.


" Because it's my shift." He smiled.


I just glared at him.


This was my life now. At least, until I got over this.

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