Yes, It's Happening (sequel to Could This Really Be Happening)

(Read the first book to understand, please!) Ellie and Harry are back together, happy as ever. Will things stay this way, or become a whirlwind terror? Will Louis stay with Eleanor? Or fall for... Someone else? Is Liam really okay? Read to find out! No hate please!!!


32. Best Friend

We pulled up to the bridal shop- I had chosen it instead of the mall, hoping I'd have better luck here.


I stepped out of the Jeep, Grayson close behind.


He opened the door and motioned me inside.


" Hey y'all! Can I assist you?" The lady behind the counter asked.


She was rather plump and short, probably in her mid-30's. Her blonde hair reached her shoulders. Her green eyes matched her "The Bridal Shoppe" top.


" Yes- Um, well, you see... I need a dress. A fancy dress. For a house-warming party that my father is throwing." I smiled.


" Any particular ideas...???" She asked, her smile glittering like her eyes.


" Something white and flowy." I said.


" Ummm... Not anything that I know we have out, but let me check in the back for you." She said, walking into a room with an open door.


What I could see inside the room were dresses, shoes, and everything else a girly-girl could dream of. I didn't LOVE dress shopping, but having my best friend here made me somewhat happier.


She returned with nothing.


" Sorry, what size do you need?" She asked.


" She needs a 0 or a 1." Grayson answered. Well, that was true.


" Actually, can I get it custom-made? I'll need it in 3 days." I asked hopefully.


" Of course. C'mere, let me measure ya." She said in her Southern accent.


I followed her into a changing room.


I took off everything except for my bra and panties.


She measured me and wrote it down.


Handing me a robe, she motioned me to go sit with Grayson.


I sat down next to Grayson and waited for her to return with material to choose from.


" Why custom?" He asked me.


" Because my boobs aren't exactly the same size as my waist, in case you haven't noticed." I giggled.


" Oh..." He said, blushing.


She returned with some white materials. One stood out- gauzy on the outside, plush on the inside.


She saw me eyeing it and smiled.


Her nametag said Claire- I was just now noticing.


" Anything specific that you want?" She smiled.


" Well, tight around my waist, cut up the leg in a slit, and a one-shoulder top??? Oh, and glitter- possibly?" I asked.


" Simple. I should have it done by your deadline." She said, smiling.


She told me that I could put back on my clothes and then come back to the counter. I asked her to send Grayson in here.


I handed her the robe and she sent him in.


I was already dressed when he walked in here.


I looked at him and smiled.


I wrapped my arms around him and smiled.


He kissed the top of my head and hugged me back.


" Gray- I love you." I mumbled.


" Ellie- I love you, too." He replied.


We paid, walked out, and went home.


I had my dress.


I had love.


I had everything, come to think of it.


*** Harry's Point of View***


The boys had told me the plan.


I already knew that it WOULDN'T OR COULDN'T EVER WORK.


We were apparently taking "shifts".


We were basically babysitting Ellie.


I wasn't happy about it, though.


El no longer liked me. AT ALL.


I had told them that it was a bad idea, but they disagreed.


*** Niall's Point of View***


We were having a "slumber party" tonight.


We had the idea of all sleeping in the living room.


We told Hazza and El, and they had said yes.


So, we were going to the store to get supplies.


Our list included:




Coloring Books (for El)

Crayons (also for El)



We were going to have a blast.


I just knew it!





Hey, y'all!


So... Them moving to Dallas, TX was my big idea- just so I would know more about the location.


Anyways, the picture thing didn't work out too well... :(


But they're up!




Well, love y'all!!!! Enjoy!!!

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