Yes, It's Happening (sequel to Could This Really Be Happening)

(Read the first book to understand, please!) Ellie and Harry are back together, happy as ever. Will things stay this way, or become a whirlwind terror? Will Louis stay with Eleanor? Or fall for... Someone else? Is Liam really okay? Read to find out! No hate please!!!


6. Anna Again

Anna again.


" What do YOU want?" I asked, a little startled.


" I just wanted to say that Harry is MINE. He's just... Lost, yeah. Yeah! That's it! He's lost. He's just distracted by you." She snarled.


" You can DREAM he wants you, but, remember this, not all dreams come true." I smirked.


" Bye-bye, skank face." She said, flipping me off before turning around and shaking her butt in too-tight pants.


But, joke was on her.


She had apparently not checked her calendar.


Blood stains.


It took a lot of force to hold back the laughter.


A moment later, all of the boys were beside me. Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn... Wait- where's Harry?


" Where's Harry?" I asked curiously.


" He's with Anna..." Louis said.


" What?!" I screamed, being shushed by a sales associate oogling at the boys.


" She took him out on an apology dinner. He didn't really want to, but he thought that it was polite." Zayn explained.


" But it's 1 p.m.!!! What are they going to do until dinner?!" The sales associate politely escorted us out, explaining that we could come back when we weren't screaming.


I folded my arms as we walked to the food court, security guards surrounding us.


" I'm... I'm not really sure." Liam said.


" Can we get something to eat?" Niall piped.


" Sure. Whatever. Here. Get me a parfait and a yellow Gatorade." I handed Niall a $20 bill.


" Thanks!" He was so happy. I wish I was.


I flipped my braids over my shoulders.


" Do- Do you think he'd cheat on me... Again?" I asked.


" Ellie, that's hard to say. I'm not calling him a man whore, it's just- well, people do bad stuff for no reason sometimes. You're amazing, and it killed me seeing him hurt you like that." Louis explained.


" Me too." Liam said.


" And me, too. Niall cried over it. He's a softy." Zayn admitted.


I smiled.


" Where IS he, anyways?" I asked looking around.


Then, I found him.


He had a McDonald's bag, a Subway bag, and a Burger King bag.


He handed me my parfait from McDonald's and my Gatorade from Subway... And my $20 bill.


" What's this for?" I asked.


" Didn't need it!" He chirped.


He sat down at a table, digging into the food. I sat and ate mine, too.


I was done in about 5 minutes. It took Niall about 15 minutes, but we waited.


" Want to go back to your house? Or find you a dress first? You can buy one online, you know." Liam pointed out.


" I'll buy one online." I said, realizing how tired I was.


We all got into a cab, and were there in about 30 minutes; there hadn't been a lot of traffic.


We walked through the door and I went to my room.


Louis had followed me to my room.


I layed on him until I fell asleep. He always knew how to make me feel better; he was like a big brother to me.

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