Dakota and Declan have been friends for a while and ever since Dakota moved to England all contact has been lost. When Dakota moves to London she bumps into a person she really wouldn't want to be embarrassed in front of. But as soon they are seen next to each other the tabloids and paparazzi are on the case. Will it become more than a friendship or will they never want to meet each other again?


4. Wake up

I woke up talking to myself about my dream. It was about the boys if one direction and I. One if them was running to me, arms outstretched and I actually hugged him back. Why?! Why would any of them like me. A voice In my head told me "wake up it's never gonna happen" I laughed at the fact I actually thought about it. Anyways, since it was my first day in London, I wanted to get some breakfast. Away from home and possibly go shopping. I brushed my teeth and showered. I picked out floral jeggings, aviators, a pink t-shirt, Sabin jacket and pink toms. I told my parents I was going and they said to text me when I was at any store and they would come meet me. I said "sounds good" and left. There was a store and restaurant directory in my purse so I looked over it and found the most well-rated breakfast place and left to go. What I had was a great choice. French toast with hashbrowns,waffles covered in raspberry syrup and orange juice. My bill was $92.00 in CAD money and that was £70.00 pounds I think. I left and started roaming the streets. I pulled my hair into a high bun and found a nice looking store. I realized it was all over Canada and I used to go here all the time. It was called Joshua Perets. I absolutely loved this store. It looked like a black box with two doors and a Joshua perets sign in front but inside it had the lost beautiful and radiant clothing. It was fun being in here. I bought 4 tanks and 4 leggings, and went roaming again. I found a Starbucks and grabbed an ice Capp. Since I was looking all over the street I happened to bump into someone and spill my ice Capp. I looked up to see a blonde haired boy. He helped me up and I smiled and said "thanks" I was just about to leave when he said "better go and get another ice Capp be right back" I smiled and waited about 4 minutes just playing a game on my phone when a group of guys bumped into me knocking my phone out of my hands. I muttered to myself 'geez, watch it' but I just said "oh I'm sorry" but they looked at me and said "no no no it was our fault" great timing. The other boy who knocked over my drink came running and handed me the drink "thank you" I said he smiled and dashed away. I turned to look at the guys again. "Guys I'm fine its ok just leave" they said "no we literally broke your phone and were going to replace it"  we argued back and forth and I finally said ok. Ok at least they weren't one direction and that's good. They asked me where I was form and if I had just moved here I said yes and the rest of the walk to the apple store was silent. I literally had no choice of what colour or generation of phone I got so they told me to wait outside. Since I had no phone I just kicked a rock around. In about 15 minutes they were outside with 3 boxes. One was my new black iPhone 5. The other was a green iPod 5 and the other was a dock for a lightning charger. I gaped and thinking they were behind me I jumped up and down and said "I can't take this" but they were already gone. I sighed heavily and left the apple store. I forgot to call my parents and just texted then saying 'sorry for not calling you I forgot I'm on my way home now' so I got back home watched beauty and the beast in my room, stared out the window and layed in my bed thinking about what happened today.  I fell asleep in my clothes and slept peacefully. No dreams.

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