Dakota and Declan have been friends for a while and ever since Dakota moved to England all contact has been lost. When Dakota moves to London she bumps into a person she really wouldn't want to be embarrassed in front of. But as soon they are seen next to each other the tabloids and paparazzi are on the case. Will it become more than a friendship or will they never want to meet each other again?


1. Friends

DAKOTAAAAA yelled Declan. "What is it Declan I'm trying to win this game" shouted Dakota. "My mom is picking me up at 7 k?" "Ok Declan now let me finish my game" After Dakota finishes her game it's time for Declan to go so they say good bye and she leaves but about 1 hour later Dakota's mom walks into her room and says "There's something I need to tell you" in a very strict voice meaning no buts it's or ands. Dakota says in a quiet voice "what is it mom you seem so worried" and with that she says "never mind ill tell you later" and she shuts the door and leaves Dakota wondering what she was going to say. "Whatever, it's probably something stupid anyways like aunt Bella wants us to visit" and with that she falls asleep.
She wakes up to 15 text messages from Declan saying HAPPY 18 BIRTHDAY DAKOTA 15 times and she finally replies and says "Thank you lots but why 15 times?" She gets a quick reply saying "It looked like it never sent so I did it over and over again" "yeah right, anyways ttyl Dec I gotta get ready moms taking me somewhere special" She showers and dresses in Galaxy tights and a purple Union Jack shoulder tee and a little bling. "Mom where are you taking me" she yells as she runs down the stairs almost tripping "somewhere special and secretive If I get one more question asking where were going on the car ride there I'm not going to talk at all, got it?" "Ok ok" and on the car ride there of course she asks where are we going,
They finally arrive at the "mystery" place and Dakota screams when she sees what it it or where they are. "MOM I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! YOU ACTUALLY GOT ME A CAR!" "Go look inside" she hands her the keys to her new 2013 Mercedes Benz and she sprints off only to find Union Jack tickets on the drivers seat of the car and screams once again. But that moment is lost when she looks at the date and realizes its exam day, "wait mom these tickets are for the day I have exams, so I can't go" she starts sobbing but her mom comforts her saying "I didn't even know I'm so sorry Dakota" she wipes the tears off and says "well ill forgive you this time but the guys on my shirt can't wait much longer" and with that you're following your moms car to a restaurant called "The keg" the most expensive and fancy restaurant she's never been to. She jumps out if he car and says "mom no way this isn't happening now way" and by the time her mom is at the door she's inside gesturing her to move faster. "HURRY UP MOM I WANNA GET A BOOTH" "ok ok I'm hurrying sheesh" the waiter kindly says "table for 2?" And Dakota says (with alot I mean A LOT of excitement "YES"
Dakota orders and so does her mom when Declan and her brother Sam hop up and yell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAKOTA" way too loud as other guests stare at them with a scowl but who cares they burst out laughing anyways.
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