Dakota and Declan have been friends for a while and ever since Dakota moved to England all contact has been lost. When Dakota moves to London she bumps into a person she really wouldn't want to be embarrassed in front of. But as soon they are seen next to each other the tabloids and paparazzi are on the case. Will it become more than a friendship or will they never want to meet each other again?


5. Day dreams

I woke up and had lost track of the date. It was Monday and that meant university. I had a cold shower this time and pulled on flip flops, dark green shorts and a floral top. I was ready for school. On the drive there I started thinking about just cancelling exams and going to that concert. Was I out of my mind?! I could never miss exams. I then realized I wasn't in Canada anymore. I was in England so I was at a new uni and all. Newbie rep here I come. I tried to avoid everyone and that was easy because everyone was drawn to this person or these people? There was a kid still standing so I asked "Why are they all crowed up like that" he replied saying "haven't you heard? One direction is visiting some university's in England. Pretty cool if you ask me." I explained how I just got here and everything and he led me to the office where I got my day plan or schedule or whatever you wanna call it and found homeroom or my first class/lecture. The kid and I sat in the front row, there still was nobody there because of one direction. All of a sudden the doors burst open by 5 guys screaming and crying for help. I stared at the boy and mouthed "what the hell is going on" he just shrugged and said "by the way my name is Corry, you must be Dakota." How the hell did he know my name? Did he know about me before I came here? I then realized I had a huge name tag on my with capital letters 'DAKOTA' I smiled at him and I turned my attention to the five guys and said "what happened?" Louis stuttered "the-th-they att-a-cked us" Corry and I burst put laughing at the sight of Louis whimpering and hiding behind Harry. Niall jumped in laughing and saying "wow Louis, and you said you didn't need security" I stopped laughing and thought about it. Dreams, one direction, the boy, arms outstretched. The boy was Zayn. I screamed and fainted. 

I woke up. I was at home on the couch, 4 boys sitting around me. "Where's Zayn?" I asked almost falling asleep again. "He went to go get some medication for you" Liam said "before you passed out you stood up and when you fell you hit your head. Really hard and I need you to answer some questions, what's your name?" "Dakota Samuel Fage" "correct. What's your age?" "18 now stop asking me all these stupid questions I don't have amnesia, why are you guys in my house anyways?" "Well you hate screamed and passed out so we hit worried love" Harry said. "I screamed because I ha da dream that I met you and I thought that this was all a dream but turns our it's not so I guess I fainted because reality shook me" I got up and walked into the kitchen 5 boys staring at me "take a picture it'll last longer I said still focusing on the cabinet. They all laughed and pulled out they're phones "say carrots" said Louis. I posed and said carrots. Louis smiled and so did the rest of the boys. "K well bye love we gotta go" "ok bye" as soon as they left I checked my phone. Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall had texted themselves through my phone. I now had their numbers 


sorry short chapter but I need 2 characters to be in the next chapter. Comment your name and your personality and you might be picked.

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