Dakota and Declan have been friends for a while and ever since Dakota moved to England all contact has been lost. When Dakota moves to London she bumps into a person she really wouldn't want to be embarrassed in front of. But as soon they are seen next to each other the tabloids and paparazzi are on the case. Will it become more than a friendship or will they never want to meet each other again?


2. 18 years old

*Dakota's POV*
Wow it's been great being 18 so far wonder what will come next. And oh I can't believe I got my own car and Declan and Sam surprised me and oh it's been the best Birthday ever. That's pretty much everything a girl can ask for I mean like a Mercedes Benz? Union Jack- well forget those. Anyways the keg? What's gonna happen next! Well I better get to sleep, oh can't forget to brush my teeth and shower and- wow I've almost forgotten everything I'm supposed to do maybe cause mom seemed a lot worried about what she was gonna tell me. Wonder what it is.

I turn on the shower and run steaming hot water cause I love the feel of it and as the steam started to rise I quickly shampooed my hair and cleaned myself. I dried myself off and wrapped my hair in a towel as well as my torso and quickly brushed my teeth and tongue then changed into my Union Jack pyjamas (I love UJ a lot) and fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of yelling. I ran downstairs without brushing my teeth or my hair and gasped at the sight of my mom yelling at someone in the doorway but since it's summer and it's bright outside I can't seem to make out who it is so I just quietly tip-toe back upstairs but I'm stopped by my mom telling me once again she has to talk to me but this time calmed instead of worried so I casually walk downstairs like nothing happened.

She started off saying: " this is a hard thing to tell you but we at moving to London,England" My reaction was quick "But why?!" She answers back " my boss has moved me to England because I am in the running if becoming the head manager also known as the role right next to CEO" I start sobbing and run upstairs quickly saying "thanks mom at least you told me" I text Dec with the news and she's over at my house in 10 minutes flat.

*Mom's/ Laura's POV*

I couldn't believe I actually said that and she reacted so cleanly to it. I know she's going to miss Declan and Sam but it shouldn't be that hard, except only one problem changing schools

*Dakota's POV*

"Dec how'd you get here so fast" I asked with cheeks red and on my knees packing. "You like my new ride?" She pointed out the window to her new BMW I obviously said "OMG yes I'm loving it!" But she obviously didn't care cause right away she started off asking questions like "why do you have to move?" "Where are you going to stay?" "Make sure we text?!" But I was quick to say "can't talk I need all the help I can get to pack cause were leaving on 2 days" and with that in about 4 hours my clothes were all packed except 2 changes of clothes and some pyjamas of course and Declan left.
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