Adopted By, Simon Cowell. *COMPLETED*

Hi, I'm Kristine Jackson. My best friend is Carlee! We've been very close friends since I got to the orphanage. I'm guessing your wondering why we live in a orphanage, right? Carlee arrived at the orphanage about 1 month before me, because her parents died in a car crash and she had no more family. And for me my parents got into drugs, which eventually turned there personality's in the wrong direction and they started abusing me. After about a month the neighbors heard me screaming and called the cops. The cops came took them away and brought me to the orphanage, That was when I was 8. Now I'm 16. I have long brown hair and big brown eyes.
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7. Chapter 6


"Hello We Are One Direction!"


*Kristine's POV*

"Um Hi?" I said really confused! Why are there 5 boys here? Our they Dad's kids too?

"Boys, this is Kristine, Simon's new daughter!" Nathan explained.

"Oh Hello! I'm Liam!" said a boy with a shaved head.

"I'm Louis!" A boy with pretty blue eyes and brown hair.

"I'm Niall" Said the blonde with blue eyes, oh NO! He's Irish! They always make me weak to my knees!

"Harry, at your service, babe!" a boy with messy brown curls and green eyes.

"I'm Zayn." He said plainly, waving at me.

I waved back.

"I'm Kristine, wait you knew that already, sorry." I say while my cheeks turn red.

"She looks hot when she blushed!" I turned more red.

"HARRY you twat you said your thoughts out loud again!" Louis said, wait or was that Liam? I think it's Louis.

"Oh, um sorry!" He said turning red.

"Oh! It looks like you've met the boys!" Dad said walking besides me. I nodded.

"Liam why don't you show her, her new room, I need to talk to the other boys." Dad said.

He nodded.

"Follow me!" Liam said. I followed him down the hall. He opened my door and walked in. I followed. I walked in the room to see the walls a pretty purple and a HUGE bed! "woahhh" I said. "You like it?" Liam said sitting in a hanging chair. I nodded jumping on the bed. I jumped once more and laid down. "This is so combatable!" I say snuggling in to the pillows. "Go look around the room! And your laptop is on the desk all your clothes are in the closet even your undergarments and that stuff." Liam said.

"Ok Thanks!" I say getting up and exploring the room.

"Oh and the remote is on the side table and your phone charger. And you have a balcony. Oh and I almost forgot your vanity has a bunch of make up, but I don't think you need any."

"Thanks Liam!" I say. I opened my closet door and there was A TON of clothes. I grabbed some sweats and a tank.

"Um Liam where's the bathroom?" I ask slightly embarrassed.

"Oh your bathroom is through the that door." He said pointing to another door in my room! "Thanks" I mumbled.

I opened the door to see a jaccuzi tub and a separate shower and  a huge sink. I closed the door and changed my clothes. I walked out and saw Liam on his phone.

"I'm going to take a nap, you can stay in here if you want, I really don't mind." I say laying on my bed. "ok" He mumbled. I fell asleep right away.

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