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Hi, I'm Kristine Jackson. My best friend is Carlee! We've been very close friends since I got to the orphanage. I'm guessing your wondering why we live in a orphanage, right? Carlee arrived at the orphanage about 1 month before me, because her parents died in a car crash and she had no more family. And for me my parents got into drugs, which eventually turned there personality's in the wrong direction and they started abusing me. After about a month the neighbors heard me screaming and called the cops. The cops came took them away and brought me to the orphanage, That was when I was 8. Now I'm 16. I have long brown hair and big brown eyes.
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40. Chapter 39

*Carlee's POV*

I was sitting in my room writing.. I just had to.. Or my hands wouldn't be busy.. and I would hurt myself.. yeah.. im an emotional wreck! First my best friend, Kristine doesn't inform me she is dating LIAM PAYNE.. she hasn't talked to me since she moved.. which makes me mad.. and depressed.. Shes my only friend.. Well maybe not..


Ugh! Its probably one of the other kids. I get up and walk to the door and swing it open

"Wh- Niall?" Am I dreaming? Or is the nicest guy in the world standing in front of me!

He nods. and opens his arms.

I run into his arms and hug him tight... He smells really good.

"Hey love" Niall says still hugging me.

"Hi" I reply.

He pulls back..

"How are you" He says with a big smile.

"Ok.. I guess. Wait why are you here?"

"When I saw you crying on Skype.. I just knew I needed to come see you" He says hugging me again and kissing the top of my head. I feel my cheeks heat up. I pull away this time.

"Uhm Thanks I guess... it means a lot." I say smiling.

He smiles brightly.

"So gorgeous would you want to go to dinner with me? Maybe it could be a uh date..?" Niall says being really confident at first then turning shy.. My cheeks heat up. I probably look like a tomato...

"Yeah. A date, never been on one" I say, blushing again.

*Authors note*

2 updates in day? Pretty good. but they suck so byee



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