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Hi, I'm Kristine Jackson. My best friend is Carlee! We've been very close friends since I got to the orphanage. I'm guessing your wondering why we live in a orphanage, right? Carlee arrived at the orphanage about 1 month before me, because her parents died in a car crash and she had no more family. And for me my parents got into drugs, which eventually turned there personality's in the wrong direction and they started abusing me. After about a month the neighbors heard me screaming and called the cops. The cops came took them away and brought me to the orphanage, That was when I was 8. Now I'm 16. I have long brown hair and big brown eyes.
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35. Chapter 34

*Kristine's POV*

I dragged Niall in my room and sat him down at my vanity.

"Wait here" I say he just nodded. I ran to his room grabbing his brush.

I got back in my room and went over to him.

"Ok. Now do not move, question what I'm doing, and obey what I say, ok?" I say strictly.

"Ok!" Niall says.

Oh Niall you got yourself into something..

Lets say Bad.


I grab foundation, and apply it. Then I grab some eyeliner. "Close your eyes." I say. Niall obeys. I trace right above his eyelashes and make a little tale. Off the end. I repeat to the other eye.

Hmm.. "Niall what are you wearing?" I ask.

"uhm black jeans and a white shirt." He replies.

"Okay" I say.

I think his eyelids need a pop of blue. I grab one of my pallets and get a brush and found the brightest blue. I put that right over the eyeliner, put only to the crease, I repeat on the other eye. Then I grab a grey and put it about the crease, then to finish it I put a white to fill in.


*A/N: sorry if confusing*

I grab one of my sampler mascaras and put that on him. I grab the blush and put a little bit on his cheeks. Then for the final touch I grab a nude lipstick. And put that on his lips. Thank god he can't see himself he'd freak.

Oh the hair.. I quickly style a quiff. In his hair which is quite easy and spray hairspray. I told him to keep his eyes closed. I grab out my iPhone snapping a picture without him noticing.

Never knew a guy could look freaking good in makeup! Awee he looks sooo pureettyy!

"Niall your done! You look amaZAYN!" I say. Slowly creeping out of the room. He turns around in the chair to look in the mirror. oh god. He looks in the mirror.. his jaw drops open.

"KRISTINE!" That's my queue to run. I dash out of the room.

"LIAM!" I yell hoping he would save me.

"YEAH?" It sounds like he's in the basement. I run down the stairs with Niall trailing right behind me. I run to the basement stairs and run down them. I see Liam and run over and hide behind him.

He stops Niall.

"Whats going on?" Liam asks.

"Niall, why in the heck do you have makeup on?"


*authors note*

Heyy sorry its short! Bye love you!









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