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Hi, I'm Kristine Jackson. My best friend is Carlee! We've been very close friends since I got to the orphanage. I'm guessing your wondering why we live in a orphanage, right? Carlee arrived at the orphanage about 1 month before me, because her parents died in a car crash and she had no more family. And for me my parents got into drugs, which eventually turned there personality's in the wrong direction and they started abusing me. After about a month the neighbors heard me screaming and called the cops. The cops came took them away and brought me to the orphanage, That was when I was 8. Now I'm 16. I have long brown hair and big brown eyes.
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31. Chapter 30

*Kristine's POV*

I woke up with arms wrapped around me. What the fuck? Oh yeah... All the memories of last night came flooding into my mind.

The Date

The Kiss

The Snuggling.

Such AmaZAYN memories.  "Goodmorning Sweetpea." Liam said a bit raspy. His morning voice....... Oh MY GOODNESS!

"Morning" I say look up at him. He pecked my nose. "How did you sleep?" My Boyfriend ask on this wonderful morning.. I love the sound of that 'My Boyfriend'

Oh My God.... Liam Payne, world famous boy band singer, is my boyfriend, MINE!

"I slept very well." I say smiling. I snuggled back into Liam's chest. "Thats good" Liam says kissing the top of my head. Liam turned on the telly. Spongebob was on.. Oh Spongebob Square-pants spongy bob SQUARE PANTSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Yeah I sing theme songs for kids shows, deal with it.

I wonder where Dad is... Oh yeah in Africa... I forgot. He hasn't called.. I don't even know how long he's gonna be gone for.

Liam and I snuggled watching spongebob for quite a long time. But then all the boys woke up.. Harry decided to make breakfast. Well he's making it right now. I notice Louis is gone too.. Hmmph.

Uhhhhhhhh I'm thirsty.. I start getting up to get a drink. "Where are you going?" Liam ask holding me tightier.

"To get a drink, babe" I say. "Okay, but I want a kiss!" Liam whines. I peck his lips and get up. I head around the corner and into the kitchen to see Louis kissing Harry's neck while he's cooking. They haven't noticed me. I put my hands on my hips and cough loudly. Louis jumps away from Harry and they both blush.

"whats going on?" I ask in a sassy tone.

"Uhm" Lou says.

"uhmm" Harry says coping him.

"Were Dating!" Louis says suddenly having the confidence.

"Lou!" Harry says smacking him in the bum.

I'm not very suprised. They flirt a lot!

"That's awesome!" i say walking over to the fridge and grabbing 'naked juice'

"wait, you accept us..?" Harry asked.

"yeah of course! Why wouldn't I?" I respond.

"Some people think gays are weird and uhm disgusting." Harry said a tear running down his face. Louis wraps his arms around Harry.

"Harry, some people think that, but I don't! We are all human, well you might be something else, with your four nipples.." I say trailing off the last part. Harry just laughs, He lets go of Lou and hugs me. "Thank you" he breathed into my neck. "No problem" I say letting go. "ohee! Breakyy is ready!" Harry said.

"Lou I think we should tell the boys at breaky!" Harry said cheerfully. Lou nodded eagerly and kissed Harrys lips softly.


*Authors Note*

I support Gay People 100% Comment if you do to!






Love You!




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