Me and the Big Bad Wolf

When new girl, Ella, moves in to the little village of Clifton; everyone is weird- she feels that there is a dark secret no one is telling a secret only a lonely child's mind would think of. Trying to dig up the unspeakable she is distracted by Brad, the bad boy of the village; as she hangs 'round with Brad the secret seems so far away. Or is it...


2. Ella

''Alright babes?''Danny asked. 

I ignored him as i always do when boys give me that sort of attention,he rolled his pen across the desk it rolled until it was near my chest and he went grab it and his hand touched my clothes,he took my shirt as well as the pen and it ripped...

''Oi! don't treat her like that!''a voice said from behind then all of a sudden a hand grabbed Danny's  jumper by the neck.

I  turned around to see brad holding Danny up in the air.I'm glad it was brad, he was different , he had dark hazel eyes, ruffled brown hair. Everyone was chanting fight over and over Danny was squabbling but brad just stood there staring at him then he loosened his grip and turned to me. In his eyes all i could see was fury.

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