Me and the Big Bad Wolf

When new girl, Ella, moves in to the little village of Clifton; everyone is weird- she feels that there is a dark secret no one is telling a secret only a lonely child's mind would think of. Trying to dig up the unspeakable she is distracted by Brad, the bad boy of the village; as she hangs 'round with Brad the secret seems so far away. Or is it...


4. Danny

It hurts. Although i already knew whats the harm in trying? Girls might turn eventually? 

Mr Tuck called me first in to his office he asked me what had happened, i had to think;

''Well.. i was winding up Ella by calling her babes, she ignored me so i rolled my pen over to her, it landed near her chest, so i purposely pulled her shirt as well as the pen; then Brad got angry and held me by my jumper in the air.'' i explained.

''Oh i see well an after school for you for today and tomorrow, enjoy the rest of the day and don't get into any more trouble!'' he told me. 

I walked out to see Brad and Ella staring at each other again!

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